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Enchanted Forest Offers An Uncommonly Remarkable Journey

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There are few perfumers with the track record of Bertrand Duchaufor. He’s concocted a number of masterpieces including Timbuktu by L’Artisan Perfumer, Avignon from Comme des Garcons, and Jubilation XXV from Amouage. So it’s no surprise that a house like The Vagabond Prince, which offers four beautifully packaged Duchaufor creations, would spark our interest here at The Fandomentals. It’s been a year since Kori reviewed the wildly animalic Land of Warriors to find it disappointing for the price; the question is whether Enchanted Forest – a decidedly more accessible offering – would be able to do more with the brand’s undoubtedly top-notch resources.

Enchanted Forest Notes

Top Notes: Black Currant Leaf, Black Currant Blossom, Red Wine, Rosemary, Rum, Pink Pepper, Sweet Orange, Artemisia, Hawthorn, Aldehydes

Heart Notes: Black Currant, Coriander, Vetiver, Honeysuckle, Carnation, Rose

Base Notes: Balsam Fir, Cedar, Oakmoss, Opononax, Benzoin, Patchouli, Vanilla, Amber, Musk

Enchanted Forest’s laundry list of notes is no joke: this perfume’s opening is one of the most bombastic I’ve encountered. A blast of fruity, green notes, lead by the black currant, overwhelmed my nose when I went in for a first impression. I was immediately reminded of Amouage’s Bracken Woman, a similarly bombastic black currant fragrance anchored by woods and herbs. The first time I encountered Enchanted Forest, I was so taken aback that I tucked it away in a sample bag for my own protection.

Thankfully, anyone who bears with this fragrance will be immediately rewarded. After a half-hour or so, Enchanted Forest relaxes, allowing the juicy blackcurrant to shine among an array of beautiful textured offered by the boozy and floral notes. It really does feel magical and manages to straddle a line between naturalistic and luscious luxury. The impression is less rainforest than it is a lavish indoor garden. When I wear Enchanted Forest, I feel like I’m in the world’s fanciest greenhouse at some exclusive event where aromas of spice and cocktails float amidst green notes that are somehow both earthy and clean.

Enchanted Forest’s leading woody note is fir, and that presence anchors the perfume during most of its lifespan. However, there’s enough presence in the top notes in order to avoid a drydown akin to Polo Green. Enchanted Forest succeeds where Bracken Woman fails – while Amouage’s creation is still certainly worth the price of admission, it falls into familiar territory while Enchanted Forest manages to maintain its identity for hours on end.

Enchanted Forest is safely worth its price. This fragrance does for black currant what Philosykos did for fig, using the fruit and plant to its fullest capabilities to create something both highly distinctive and appealing. For those who love green fragrances, it’s a must-try, and it’s likely to be one of the best rich fragrances for higher temperature wears. It’s a delightful mix of quality and vision – don’t leave this forest unexplored.

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