Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Cowboy Bebop TTPRG Publisher Announces New Horror Title ‘Elder Mythos’

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Cowboy Bebop Roleplaying Game and Nightfell publisher Mana Project Studio announced today the Kickstarter campaign for Elder Mythos. Elder Mythos is a Lovecraftian Horror tabletop roleplaying game where players take on the roles of the Elder Gods themselves. The project surpassed its initial funding goal in just 18 minutes, raising over $13,000 from over 150 backers.

 Elder Mythos TTRPG contents

Players choose one of 12 Elder Gods — from The Great Dreamer itself, Cthulhu, to Yog-Sothoth, The Key and The Gate — to pursue unique and disturbing goals. Manipulate your cultists, nightmarish creatures, and priestly figures of immense power as expendable resources to craft a terrifying plot amid catastrophes and consequences, all while your fellow players try to betray and best you. Will you be able to hold control in the midst of chaos?

Venture beyond the veil of reality with Elder Mythos and embody ancient entities unleashing unspeakable horrors. Become part of a cosmic horror saga that transcends human comprehension. The fate of the world is at stake: will you rule it, or will you throw society into chaos?
Using a Year Zero System hack, Elder Mythos is designed as a zero-prep game where players control the fates of entire cities as eldritch entities. Players must manage conflict with their fellow Elder Gods while twisting the rules and wresting control from the Eldritch Master to rule the world and drive its inhabitants to madness.

Elder Mythos features a unique system and setting mechanics for playing as the Elder Gods of the Lovecraftian Mythos, including collaborative worldbuilding, cult management, conflict management, eldritch manifestations, and more. The book contains five scenarios the Eldritch Master can run players through while hampering their machinations with the Eldritch Master’s Resources.

 Elder Mythos Cthulhu page

Images via Mana Project Studio

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