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‘Egg MacGuffin’ Brings Betrayal And Bad Erotica For The Legends

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Legends has a lot of pots on the stove this episode, from demon possession to Nazis to fan conventions. Oh, and a running gag comes back to bite everyone.

After Neron’s seeming defeat last week, it’s been easier than ever for the Legends to round up fugitives. Sara and Zari drag a mummy into the Time Bureau, which they bagged without a hitch. There’s some awkward humor/flirting between Zari and Nate that leaves Sara and Ava understandably confused. Sara sees a setup opportunity in the form of a mission, sending Nate and Zari alone to collect a golden egg that’s appeared in the Adventure Society, 1933. Plus, with them handling the mission, Sara’s day is wide open to attend Ava’s book club. There’s just the issue that Sara didn’t read the book.

Meanwhile, Ray isn’t fully possessed, but Neron has enough control that he tries to smother Nora when Ray visits her. Since Ray isn’t a willing host, Neron needs to break his soul by making him kill a loved one. It’s about the worst thing that could happen to someone as sweet as Ray. He shuts himself off from everyone, trying to science a solution.

Mick’s alter ego ‘Rebecca Silver’ has been invited to appear at Romanticon to the tune of $20,000. Charlie sees all those zeroes and offers to pose as Rebecca so they can get the money. Mick coaches her to be Rebecca. Charlie is more than a little surprised that Rebecca is so different from the Mick she knows.

In 1933, Zari and Nate realize they’ve been set up when their cover roles turn out to Indiana Jones and Marion. They watch an Adventurer and his disgruntled assistant present the egg. After they sneak into the room it’s been kept in, they find it behind trip wires. Nate eagerly offers to be the one to contort his body around the wires. The egg turns out to be a fake. Nate and Zari are convinced that the whole mission has been a fake, just to get them together. Just as they’re joking that the only thing that could possibly make this more unbelievable is if Nazis appear, sure enough, a couple of Nazis show up.

Back in 2019, book club is happening in Nora’s room because they want to include her, coma or no. At least book club was happening until Mona sees Rebecca Sliver is going to Romanticon. Sara and Ava encourage her to go, both covering their amusement because they know Mick is Silver. Sara’s devastated to learn that Ava didn’t read the book after she went through all the trouble to do so. Or, to listen to it on audiobook at least.

Ray, when his science fails, tries to find Constantine for help. Instead, he gets Gary, who’s been plant-sitting for Constantine. He offers to help, searching through Constantine’s spells. When he realizes that Ray’s possessed and trying to kill someone he loves, he’s scared. Until Ray sheepishly admits he doesn’t love Gary. It’s devastating for Gary, who’s always looked up to the Legends. Neron appears to Gary, offering to make him whole.

Book club is interrupted by Zari and Nate contacting Sara, to commend her on going the extra mile for their fake mission. She promises them the mission is real and the over the top Nazis are too. Using their powers to escape, Zari and Nate easily take care of their captors. They almost kiss but are interrupted by Sara and Ava portaling in. Sara becomes worried that Ray wasn’t providing support for them. Nate goes back to the ship to check on him, leaving the ladies to find the real egg.

They figure out the assistant took the egg for himself because, like in the book club book, “It’s always the doormat.” A fight breaks out in the Adventure Club, but it’s nothing Sara, Ava, and Zari can’t handle; they end up securing the egg and mind-wiping everyone.

On the Waverider, Ray’s control has been crumbling. When Nate arrives, he attacks him. Before Neron can kill Nate, Ray offers himself willingly for Nate’s safety. At the Bureau, Constantine returns to Nora with a magical cure in hand. The first thing she does when she wakes is warn Constantine of Neron inside Ray.

On the Waverider, Constantine confronts Neron, trapping him with a spell. Seeing Gary, he asks him for help. More acurately, he tells him to help. Neron uses the moment to reap the seeds he’s already planted in Gary, offering Gary a gift. He brings Gary’s nipple back from hell. The nipple Gary lost at the very start of the season to a unicorn. The nipple that’s been the basis of so many jokes. That nipple. For his nipple and Neron’s power, Gary betrays Constantine and the Legends, allowing Neron to escape with Constantine.

When the Legends return to the ship, they learn from Nate of Ray possession. Ava goes to Nora for help, offering her a place with the Time Bureau.  Zari and Nate, while seeing about the latter’s injuries, share a kiss. Oh, and the egg they found? It’s a dragon egg.


Legends lesson of the week is, “It’s always the doormat.” Gary turning to the dark side was an amazing twist. Thinking back on the past two seasons, it’s easy to recall the times Gary was the butt of the joke. Or the numerous times Gary’s rambling has been cut off with a ‘shut up Gary’. Gary lost his nipple because the Legends used him as bait without telling him. But none of it came across as bad because it was always played for laughs.

Everyone was so busy laughing, no one realized Gary was being laughed at. Especially not when Gary himself was always so chipper and good spirited. But this episode gave a hint to that being a façade. Near the start of the episode, Gary found Ray a bathroom he referred to as his designated crying bathroom. Later in the episode, when Ray called him, he was in that same bathroom, crying only moments before answering the phone in his usual chipper attitude. It’s insidious how easy it is to justify Gary’s turn to the dark side. Legends took the humor it brandishes so well and turned it on its head for a genuinely shocking yet earned moment.

As for Ray succumbing to his literal inner demon, of course Ray would sooner give life than hurt someone he cares about. Ray was tragically the best choice to become Neron’s vessel. His open heart made him the most vulnerable to a demon’s manipulations.

For the rest of the episode, the other plot lines mostly didn’t have an influence on the season’s overall storyline, but they are filled with charming character moments that are classic Legends. Sara and Ava getting the rare moment to relax with some wine. Naturally, it had to be interrupted, by Nazis no less, but it was nice while it lasted. Charlie and Mona got to learn more about Mick’s sensitive side and he got to share that side with the world. Nora gets to work with the Time Bureau, as she rightly should after a season’s long redemption. And there’s going to be a dragon on the ship. Mick will be delighted.

Only Legends Could

  • There were so many intentionally awkward lines and puns this episode. All the mummy jokes at the beginning. Sara’s audiobook. The quotes from Mick’s books. All of it was golden.
  • Of course, Sara would set up Nate and Zari on an Indiana Jones themed date.
  • And of course, Nate and Zari would believe the mission to be fake because it was too easy.
  • Mick answers all of his fan mail. That’s dedication.
  • Garima being cosplayed at Romanticon.
  • There are an innumerable amount of things that I’ve come to expect from Legends. Expect the unexpected is the unofficial motto. But I honestly say I would have never expected to watch a nipple crawl across the floor.
  • I’m here for the Legends collectively becoming the mother of dragons.
  • Best line of the episode – “He will kill you until you tell me where the real egg is,” said in a bad German accent.
Images courtesy of The CW

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