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Edge Of Spider-Verse #3 Promises The Return of Spider Smasher And The Debut Of Dan Slott’s Newest Spider-hero

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This May, Edge of Spider-Verse is back for another wild trip through the Spider-Verse, complete with revolutionary new Spider-heroes and further adventures for the series’ biggest breakout stars, all brought to you from an all-star lineup of talent!

Last year’s Edge of Spider-Verse comic book series introduced Marvel fans to some of Marvel’s hottest new web-slinging heroes including Spider-Rex, Spinstress, and Web-Weaver, caught readers up with old favorites, and laid the groundwork for Dan Slott and Mark Bagley’s incredible SPIDER-MAN ongoing series! This new volume will be even more impactful, following up on threads from recent Spidey sagas and directly tying into the most talked about current and future storylines! 

Here are the stories fans can look forward to in June’s Edge of Spider-Verse #3:

•         After her hit debut last year in Saladin Ahmed and artist Christopher Allen’s Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Miles’ sister Billie Morales’s alter ego is still needed in the revolutionary future timeline known as the Empire of the Spider! See the return of SPIDER SMASHER in an all-new story by writer David Betancourt and artist Julian Shaw!

•         Fans are on the edge of their seats awaiting the introduction of Dan Slott and Mark Bagley’s top secret new Spider-hero in next month’s Spider-Man #7! After that, don’t miss this issue where Slott teams up with artist Humberto Ramos to reveal his stunning backstory!

Check out the cover below and stay tuned for more Edge of Spider-Verse announcements! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

Edge of Spider-Verse #3 cover

EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #3 (OF 4) – 75960620643800111




On Sale 6/21

Images via Marvel Comics

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