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Drinks with Frenemies Aims To Improve Friendships Through Comedy (And Alcohol)

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For those who love to drink and have fun with friends and foes alike, Drinks with Frenemies might be the perfect game. The three editions (Original, NSFW, & Retro) of the game mean that there’s something for everyone and a game for any occasion. Described as the “party game of memory, mini-games, luck & skill, strategy & take that, and of course drinking,” the game is an original adaptation of  dorm room classics like King’s Cup, Ring of Fire and Circle of Death. Along with improving friendships what better way to get back at your “frenemies” than with a friendly drinking game?

Drinks with Frenemies was launched on Kickstarter by BE Game LLC in September of 2017, with an estimated goal of $3,000. This goal was easily reached within the first few months of launching, being surpassed in in November with over $4,000 with 109 backers.

The game rules are as follows: every player starts with a drink and three cards taken from the deck. The communal cup is filled with a little bit of everyone’s drink and is drunk as punishment or to end the game (similar to the traditional drinking game Kings). A player starts their turn by playing a card and ends their turn by drawing a card. The six types of cards are as follows; DRINK cards, GAME cards, GAME OVER cards, FRENEMY RULE cards, GROUP RULE cards, and SPECIAL cards. Each card has a fun twist or dare that has to be completed. If a person does not want to complete a twist or a dare, they can opt out by drinking out of the communal cup.

In an interview with the mind behind the game, Erik Cancél, it was easy to see the dedication and passion for this game.

Creator and designer Erik Cancél in the Drinks with Frenemies booth at Lvl Up Expo 2019

How did the idea for the game come about?

Erik Cancél: I’ve always been one to create games, or things that I can do with me and my family. So this idea started about 6 years ago. I made a little board game like Monopoly where you roll the dice and drink all around, so that’s where the first idea really started.

How long did it take to come up with the idea and get it off the ground?

EC: It started 6 years ago as a board game, I shelved it for a few years, and then my wife pushed me to follow through with my ideas. So I was thinking about making it into an app from the board game but it was too much, so I decided to make it into a card game! Once I decided to do that, it took about two years to develop it.

The NSFW edition is perfect for players who enjoy the raunchiness of games like Cards Against Humanity

As the game creator, do you play the game as well? Has it ruined – er- enhanced your relationships?

EC: Absolutely. As much as I can! I actually played last night. I love it because there’s always new situations because every gameplay is different.

What are some strategies for people playing the game?

EC: Choosing wisely what cards to hold onto and which ones to play.

What is your favorite “Frenemy” card?

EC: My favorite Frenemy card is “Balls To the Wall.” So, on a turn, whoever plays it can say “balls to the wall” and everyone has to run to the wall and place their crotch on the wall, the last one to do it takes a drink.

What people (it could be anyone) that you would like to play this game with?

EC: I would like to see a young Adam Sandler, comedians. I could see them making the game funnier than it already is.

What was the most stressful part about the making and development of this game?

EC: Going into it, I had no idea as it was my first time as the creator. Initially, when I was play testing, everything made sense in my head because I made it. But when you give that to other people in card form, it’s quite confusing. So I learned a lot from other people play testing the game, including making sure that everyone sees the way I do.


You can purchase Drinks with Frenemies on their Kickstarter page or through their website, with the “Original Edition” (the family friendly core game), “NSFW Edition” (the naughtier one for when the kids go to bed), and “Retro Edition” (family friendly with an eye towards the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s); all available individually or in bundles, as well as print and play PDF versions for the budget-minded player.  


Game Images via BE game LLC


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