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The Drama Escalates on Bates Motel

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We pick up right where we left off last week, with Sam’s freshly stabbed body lying slumped over the bathtub (oooh gurl they did the famous “eye” close up shot from Psycho!!) and Norman covered in blood, panicking over what he’s done.

Hitchcock would be proud.

Luckily, Mother is right there to help clean up and turn off that dang faucet that was left running. She knocks Norman out of his stupor and they work to clean up the bathroom and get the body out of there. As much as I love watching this little dynamic between Mother and Norman, it always bugs me seeing the two of them doing things together. I mean, in reality, it’s Norman doing all of this by himself. Talking to himself, cleaning up crime scenes by himself, and dragging bodies to different locations by himself. I just can’t imagine how scrawny little Norm can drag bodies down those stairs and into the car himself, then transport them to their final destination! Well. I guess that’s part of the comedic aspect of this whole situation…?

Anywho, they head to their usual body disposal area, the small lake down the road from the motel, all ready to be rid of it and move on. But of course things don’t work that easily; there are cops and a rescue team down at the lake uncovering bodies. Yes, bodies, plural. The ones that the Bates had previously dumped there. It looks like it’s finally catching up to them, if Norman’s nervous vomiting is any indication.

This little exchange between Mother and Norman right after they formulate a new plan is priceless, with them slapping each other to refocus on the situation! They end up deciding on throwing Sam’s body down a well in the woods, where Norman has a small breakdown/realization of what he did. He wasn’t aware of the other murders because Mother had been controlling him, so this first act he’s committed on his own has truly shaken him.

What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!

On their way back from bringing Sam’s car to a chop shop, the two of them have a little “heart to heart,” where they discuss their actions and Norman’s unsure feelings about where his life is headed. Mother so very kindly offers to keep taking over his mind when he gets too scared or afraid of something, which sounds like a great idea, right? Nope. Norman puts his foot down and says she’s not allowed to do that anymore. But you know just how well she listens to rules.

The sheriff pops by for a visit and lets Norman know that they found Jim Blackwell’s body in the lake, and some others as well. He tries to save face and act all shocked, and for some reason the sheriff buys it. She leaves with minimal questions, and Norman is even more worried than before.

AND SPEAKING OF SHERIFFS, Alex is finally back! Yay!! He’s still hiding away at this lady’s house after being shot by that teenager (and who is she, by the way? There’s some discussion about them being close when they were younger, that he was the best thing about the lousy town they lived in, and blah dee blah. Why would he go to her, of all people? I need answers, dang it!). His wound was infected and he’d been out of it the last few days, but he’s still determined on getting out and going to Norman; this lady is hiding his gun from him, but duh, super sleuth that he is, he’s gonna find it and run.

Back at the house, Norman’s setting up a rickety old wheelchair, and tells Mother about the sheriff’s body discovery at the lake. This means he’s taking Norma’s body out of the house and putting it somewhere for ~safe keeping~ until this blows over. And he does a stupendous job at hiding the body in a shallow little ditch, with just a blanket covering it. There’s no way anyone will see that, and there’s definitely no way animals can get to it and have a little nibble! Great idea, Norman! Of course, they can’t end this scene without creepy mother/son vibes, so he kisses her corpse and whispers sweet nothings to it. Yuck.


But wait, what’s that, in the distance? Is it a bird? A plane? No! It’s Dyyylllaaaaannnn (and the crowd goes wild!)! I knew he was going to come see Norman after he found out about Norma’s death!

They head up to the house without much to say. Dylan takes a look around the house, sees how dark and dirty and desolate it’s become. And of course, he worries for his brother, living alone in these conditions. He’s gung-ho to stay for a bit and make sure Norman can get the help he desperately needs, no matter what it takes. Mother is watching over the two of them as Norman apologizes for not telling Dylan about Norma’s death, and Norman brushing off persistent questions about therapy and medication.

Mother confronts Norman after his lil nap, once again saying that someone is getting the way of their relationship; this time she’s talking about Dylan… “Cook him a nice dinner, convince him that you’re fine!” Is Mother’s advice on how to get him out of the picture. Sure. Because it’s that easy.

And in other wild news, Dylan went to the pharmacy to try and get a refill for Norman’s meds, only to find out that Doctor Edwards had gone missing well over a year ago, and he’s presumed dead. If this isn’t a time for really dramatic violins to be playing in the background, then I don’t know what is!

So what exactly happened with Dr. Edwards? Was that little coffee meeting that he had with Norman just another one of Norman’s vivid and elaborate coping mechanisms? Was Norman’s subconscious so desperate for help that he conjured up the doctor to assure him he’s still doing pretty alright? Has the doctor really been dead/missing this whole time since Norman got out of Pine View? And did his death/disappearance have to do with Norma(n) perhaps? There’s so many questions!

Keep that drama coming, because Dylan gets back to the house to find Madeleine! Her husband is missing and never came home, and she thinks Norman was the last person to see him! Dylan starts putting some pieces together, tells the poor girl that Norman is not mentally stable and she should stay away, then all but runs up to the house to talk to his brother. Just like Mother asked, Norman has made a nice little dinner for himself and Dylan, to try and convince him everything’s fine and he’s okay being alone.

Dylan doesn’t fall for it, though, and keeps asking questions; about Madeleine and Sam, about Doctor Edwards, about his need for medication and mental help.

Things get a little hairy for Norman, and he slowly starts to lose his cool as he explains what happened the last time he saw Sam. It’s then that Mother comes out to play, telling Dylan that she’s sorry for what’s happening…and she cold clocks him with a glass, then tries to stab him. In a truly wonderful (but nerve-wracking) scene, Norman fights with Mother to try and get the knife away from her, and he succeeds.

And here comes Norman Bates with a steel chair!

A bloody and confused Dylan stays on the floor and watches in horror as Norman fights thin air, then gets up to call the sheriff. And confesses to the murder of Sam Loomis. I honestly did not see that coming.

I’m sure these last three episodes are going to be a wild ride, and I can’t wait to see how everything ends.

Images courtesy of A&E

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