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Dragon Falls Challenges Logic in Building Puzzles

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For lovers of puzzles, dragons, and logic, Dragon Falls from Think Fun and Ravensburger is a great game for all ages. Water dragons are legendary sea serpents known to soar together back and forth through powerful, crashing waterfalls. Dragon Falls brings this scene to life and challenges players to connect dragons through increasingly challenging setups.

The game comes with a black base to represent the rocks at the bottom of a waterfall, a blue semi-see-through acrylic rectangle to represent the waterfall, three blackish rock pieces, 7 coral dragon segments, and 7 teal dragon segments. The challenges are on 60 double-sided cards. One side provides the challenge (which pieces to start with and which pieces you must use to complete the dragons) and the other side has the solution.

dragon falls contents, black base, green and coral dragon pieces, waterfall rocks, and a blue waterfall structure

Dragon Falls only has a few rules. Dragon head pieces cannot hover above the end of the waterfall (even though the photo above shows that to be the case), you can’t turn or twist the pieces in attempts to fit them, and taller pieces are allowed to sit above shorter pieces but only if everything fits properly.

In the first fifteen challenges you build one dragon, but the remaining challenges require you to build two dragons. By the end of the challenge cards, you’re building dragons with all the pieces available which can get quite difficult and really requires you to think ahead on how pieces will fit. There’s no real turn system, rather you (and other players) just work until you can make the pieces fit correctly to form each challenge’s required dragon(s).

I really love dragons (no really, I have two different mobile games about dragons, it’s a bit ridiculous) and love logic puzzles so I really enjoyed playing Dragon Falls. The game also doesn’t take up a ton of space so I can set it up on one of my many desks and leave it be if I get frustrated with one of the harder challenges which can take hours to figure out if you’re struggling.

On the flip side, the first few challenges only took me a couple of minutes each, and most of that time was set up for each challenge.

The dragon segments themselves are very neat and have detailed ridges to mimic what we would think a dragon looks like. You know, if they were real.

You can pick up Dragon Falls on Amazon for about $19 to $22 depending on if it’s on sale at the time that you look. ThinkFun also has a number of other logic puzzle games for kids (and adults really)!

Images and review copy courtesy of Ravensburger 

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