Sunday, March 26, 2023

Donate Life America Promotes Organ Donation With ‘The Healing Dice’ — Limited-Edition Polyhedral Dice Containing Tiny Organs

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Table top role-playing games are more popular than ever, attracting an extremely passionate group of fans. Gamers work together to create stories that contain epic drama, life and death themes, and heroic quests. These selfless heroes and healers are exactly the kinds of people likely to become a registered organ donor. Seeing the value alignment, Donate Life America, the nonprofit keeper of the National Donate Life Registry, created a custom set of polyhedral gaming dice with tiny hand-painted organs & tissues inside: The Healing Dice.

While a usual set includes seven dice, this limited edition set has eight—each containing one of the eight organs & tissues that can save and heal a life via deceased donation. The special eighth die, called The Lifesaving Die, features an anatomical heart and will only be for “death saves” which are key life & death moments in a game. Donate Life worked with the Richmond, VA based Crux Scenica to create the dice, who handmade the organs and the molds for each die.

The Healing Dice heart d20

Donate Life is giving away a set of these dice in a sweepstakes running through March 27. Anyone can enter to win a set…if they are a registered organ, eye & tissue donor. You can also learn more about organ transplants and the uses for the different donated tissues on the Healing Dice website, as well as make a donation to Donate Life.

Images via Donate Life America

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