Monday, July 22, 2024

Dimension 20 Releases Trailer For Next Season ‘Never Stop Blowing Up,’ Featuring New System Built For Retro VHS Action

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Dropout today released the official trailer for Dimension 20: Never Stop Blowing Up, set to premiere June 26th, 2024. In this season of the platform’s actual play series, six down-on-their-luck strip-mall employees are sucked into a magic VHS tape, transforming into high-octane action heroes – and must figure out how to navigate the movie to get home. The ten-episode season will be led by Game Master and Dimension 20 creator, Brennan Lee Mulligan. It will not use Dungeons & Dragons for its system, instead the season will use Never Stop Blowing Up – a homebrewed system heavily inspired by Hunters Entertainment’s Kids on Bikes

The cast of Dimension 20: Never Stop Blowing Up will include:

  • Jacob Wysocki as Andy ‘Dang’ Litefoot / Greg Stocks
  • Ify Nwadiwe as Wendell Morris / Vic Ethanol
  • Ally Beardsley as Russell Feeld / Jennifer Drips
  • Alex Song-Xia as Liv Skyler / Kingskin
  • Isabella Roland as Paula Donvalson (neé Buocadifuoco) / Jack Manhattan
  • Rekha Shankar as Usha Rao / G-13

Dimension 20 is an integral part of the Dropout content library and a prominent series within the expanding realm of TTRPG actual play shows, which have garnered increasing recognition in recent years from a global audience. 

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