Thursday, November 30, 2023

DC FanDome: CW’s The Flash

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Spoilers for Season 6 of The Flash

The Flash is the only one of the Arrowverse shows that got a panel at FanDome (most of the DC shows will be getting panels in a later event on September 12th), and it focused on talking to members of the main cast about season 6 and season 7. Present were Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Nicolet, Kayla Compton and Brandon McKnight who each got to spend some time talking about the journey and events that happened to their characters in the most recent season and a bit about what will happen to them in the upcoming one.

It was a well-handled and executed panel, with the majority of the focus of course going to Grant Gustin and Candice Patton, as they have the biggest roles in both seasons 6 and season 7. Still, we got to hear from all the actors present to some degree, with a bit more time going to Carlos Valdes as one of the episodes focusing on his character, “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach“, will be getting a special bonus version on the DVD release. It’s being billed as a noir version, though as far as I can tell from the clip they showed (having not actually watched the episode in question) they just made it black and white. Like, changed the screen filter. Which is…cute, but not much else. I dunno, I applaud extra work and stuff unique to the physical copies, but just making an episode in black and white, particularly in this day and age? Not what I’d call thrilling.

What was more thrilling though was the sizzle reel/trailer we got for the Flash’s upcoming season 7. It was a fast-paced, dramatic affair, with lots of moments of the villain being threatening, Iris and Barry in peril and dealing with the aftermath of the previous season, and trying to cobble together a plan to save everyone and fix things. It probably would have landed better if I had managed to keep up with the show admittedly, I fell off somewhere in the third season due to life events and just haven’t gotten back in, but still, it was well put together and crafted excellently to create an experience to get a person hyped and tense.

We also learned that part of the goal with the new season will be to lessen the focus on classic villains from the Silver and Bronze ages of comics and increase focus on more new and modern villains so that young fans of the Flash comics can come into the show and see their villains and stories being represented. Not a bad idea in all honesty, and a good way to keep a show like this from getting overly stale as well. Avoid the issues with repeating/recurring villains by bringing in new ones, that makes sense.

So, overall, this was a fairly good panel, albeit one that I probably would have gotten more out of if I were still watching the show. As it was though, it spent time with each cast member, dwelled on various aspects of the previous season, and spent a good amount of time hyping up and setting the stage for what to expect in the next season. A well done, well-executed panel that should get fans of the show excited and ready for the next season, which is all one can really ask for.

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