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CosGala Aims to Bring a Night to Remember for Cosplayers

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CosGala is an upcoming fandom event held in Baltimore, MD on Step 29th this fall. Set as a more formal alternative to a day con, CosGala welcomes cosplayers from all over as they offer a night you’ll never forget. For those of you traveling from out of town, don’t forget to check their hotel block at the Hampton Inn and Suites Baltimore/Woodlawn. But until then, we decided to reach out to one of the event organizers to learn more about the night they have planned.

FM: The CosGala’s own Sharifa has generously agreed to take some time to talk with us and discuss this upcoming event. Welcome, Sharifa!

Sharifa: Thank you for having me!

FM: I know we met in some slightly “less than ideal” circumstances regarding the now infamous Universal FanCon, but I’m very intrigued by the idea of a cosplay gala. What inspired this idea?

Sharifa: Well, the idea came from our Cosgala president, Tranquil Ashes, who wanted there to a fancy night of glamour and glitz for cosplayers! So the idea of the masquerade ball came about. We all are cosplayers and we all love to dress up. Having a theme just adds more fun to the hobby! Adding a fancy spin to your favorite character and enjoying a glamorous night out with fellow cosplayers just seemed like an idea we felt other people would love too!

FM: I’ve never really heard of a “formal” event for cosplayers before, for most fan conventions, to be honest. I understand you’re holding this at the Martin’s West, and it sure looks like a ballroom space.

Sharifa: I believe some conventions do have small formal dances as evenings events, but they are definitely not on this scale as the one we are producing. And yes, we are hosting it at Martin’s West! The ballroom is absolutely stunning!

FM: And you’re going all out for this special night, with food, music, and of course, the masquerade. Is there a particular theme for the evening?

Sharifa: For the first event, we are leaving it open when it comes to theme. We want this open to all fandoms and for people to be free with interpretations for the characters! The night will include a gourmet buffet and a premium open bar, both from Martin’s West. DJ Taylor Senpai, known for his music skills in the con world on the east coast, will be our DJ for the night!

FM: I can definitely see the appeal of dressing up for a fancy night, and combining it cosplay which is inherently about “becoming” someone else for a time. CosGala has a Cinderella feel to it, without the party crashing down at midnight.

Sharifa: And that is exactly the feeling we want our event to envoke!

FM: But for a more personal note, how were you drawn to cosplay? Do you have any favorite characters?

Sharifa: I was drawn to cosplay from seeing other cosplayers at cons. I started going to conventions when I was 14 and I instantly fell in love with seeing people in cosplay, dressed as there favorite characters. It looked like so much fun to me, so I finally started when I was 19. I love the idea of dressing as my favorite characters and bringing them to life. Esmeralda and Hinata have been my two favorites to this date. Simply because I love the characters!

FM: And that eventually led to hosting a gala for other cosplayers to share that love?

Sharifa: Most definitely! One thing all cosplayers have in common is our love for dressing up and creating.

FM: Well, it definitely sounds like CosGala will be a night to remember, and hopefully the first of many. Tickets are still available to purchase from your website, correct?

Sharifa: Yes! Early bird tickets are on sale now on our website! You can also find the link to our room blocks as well at the Hampton Inn that’s right across from Martin’s West. For folks coming from out of town or just want to make a nice weekend out of the whole event, they can get a room there!

FM: I noticed you’ve had representatives at other cons recently, both WICOMICON and Philly. Any other events you’ll be at where folks can come and say hi?

Sharifa: Next weekend I will be at Tidewater Comicon in the Artist Alley! Although I will be there as a vendor, I will still be passing out flyers for the CosGala and giving out info!

FM: Thanks again for taking the time to tell us about CosGala, and if any of our Fandomentals are in the Baltimore are come September, this definitely sounds like a night you can’t miss!

Sharifa: Thanks for giving me the time to let you know about event! People can keep up to date with us and our events on our social media! Find us at The CosGala on Facebook, and @thecosgala on both Twitter and Instagram!

Image courtesy of CosGala

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