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Free League Announces New Sci-Fi TTRPG Coriolis: The Great Dark, A Stand-Alone Sequel To Coriolis: The Third Horizon TTRPG

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Free League Publishing today announced Coriolis: The Great Dark, a brand-new science fiction roleplaying game about exploration, mysteries, and intrigue at the far edge of space. Venture out into the unknown on mighty Greatships, delve deep into ancient ruins and partake in the Byzantine schemes of powerful guilds.

Coriolis: The Great Dark will be launched on Kickstarter March 19. Inspired by 19th century polar expeditions, deep sea diving and pulp archeology, Coriolis: The Great Dark offers a new take on sci-fi roleplaying that emphasizes mystery, a sense of wonder and breathtaking visuals.

Coriolis: The Great Dark is fully standalone game, but is also the spiritual sequel to the critically acclaimed Coriolis – The Third Horizon, Free League’s very first science fiction RPG. Coriolis – The Third Horizon was granted the Judges Spotlight Award in the ENNIE Awards 2017 and was one of the first international releases from Free League.

Coriolis: The Great Dark Core Rulebook Cover

Coriolis: The Great Dark launches you into a desolate part of space – The Lost Horizon. Here, a fledgling human civilization who fled war tries to stake out a new life in a harsh environment while expeditions are sent out into deep space to find resources for survival and valuable artifacts.

As explorers in forgotten star systems, players will partake in expeditions on mighty Greatships and venture into old ruins after a long-lost civilization of God-like beings. Coriolis: The Great Dark is a game about Hope and enduring against all odds.

The RPG will showcase the all-new setting as well as mechanics – with themes like exploration, sense-of-wonder, sci-fi action and faction intrigue. The rules will include explorer generation, combat, exploration, and expeditions.

A boxed campaign set entitled The Flowers of Algorab will also be part of the Kickstarter and delivered alongside the core game.

Coriolis: The Great Dark Flowers of Algorab box

The rules of the game are based on Free League’s Year Zero Engine used in ALIEN The Roleplaying Game, Blade Runner The Roleplaying Game, Tales From the Loop RPG, The Walking Dead Universe RPGand the upcoming The Electric State RPG, but uniquely tailored for this new game.

As part of the new release, Free League will create a new free and open license for third party content for Coriolis: The Great Dark as well as Coriolis – The Third Horizon. Using this license, all creators will have an irrevocable, worldwide, and royalty-free right to freely create, produce and sell content and expansions for both games and their settings.

Coriolis: The Great Dark art

Kosta Kostulas, Nils Karlén and Martin Grip, Free League co-founders, take lead in designing the game with a new version of the award-winning Year Zero Engine created by Tomas Härenstam. Original artwork comes from lead Blade Runner RPG, Alien RPG and Coriolis – The Third Horizon artist Martin Grip and graphic design by Christian Granath. 

Details of the game will be shared via Free League’s social media accounts throughout the weeks leading up to launch, follow Instagram, X and Facebook, ahead of the campaign launch. In addition, Coriolis – The Great Dark RPG creators Nils Karlén and Kosta Kostulas will head deep into the darkness of space with host Ellinor DiLorenzo  and answer questions from the community on Wednesday February 21 at 4pm CEST.

Images via Free League Publishing

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