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Dan Arndt

Fiction writer, board game fanatic, DM. Has an MFA and isn't quite sure what to do now. If you have a dog, I'd very much like to pet it. Operating out of Indianapolis.

Things Heat Up In The ‘Captain America’ Books As Cold War Approaches


Jeremiah lives in Los Angeles and divides his time between living in a movie theatre and writing mysteries. There might also be some ghostbusting being performed in his spare time.

‘Prey’ Makes the Hunt Exciting Again


Bo relaxes after long days of staring at computers by staring at computers some more, and is constantly thinking of Staten Island vampiric councils.

Better Call Saul Visits The Shadow Of Kim Wexler


Seher is the Associate Editor-in-Chief at The Fandomentals focusing on the ins and outs of TV, media representation, games, and other topics as they pique her interest. Otherwise, she's reading away for graduate school. pc: @poika_

Imlie’s Abhishek KR Looks Back on Heartwarming Experience


Kylie is a Managing Editor at The Fandomentals on a mission to slay all the tropes. She has a penchant for complex familial dynamics and is easily pleased when authors include in-depth business details.

Korra Week: The Top Political Moments of Korra Part 2


Kori is an entertainment writer and Managing Editor at the Fandomentals. In her spare time, she is a fragrance and watch enthusiast, lover of Eurovision, and Yanni devotee.

Bards, Gnomes & More in New Major Update for Baldur’s Gate 3


Bi/pan, they/them. Gretchen is a Managing Editor for the Fandomentals. An unabashed nerdy fangirl and aspiring sci/fi and fantasy author, they have about things like media, representation, and ethics in storytelling.

The Peacekeeper Imagines Justice Without Colonialism or Cops

Faeforge Academy

The Faeforge Academy is a 5th edition, Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast featuring the Witch+Craft supplement for crafting by Astrolago press. To stay up to date with everything happening at the Academy be sure to visit our website at and follow us on twitter @FaeforgeAcademy

Faeforge Academy: Episode 104 – Setting Sail


Proud Trinidadian. Writer, poet and game writer when she isn't busy dissecting fictional worlds or galavanting through the latest video game.

Farewell To The Legends of Tomorrow


Devotee of coffee, whiskey and baleful sentiment. I also write a lot of things.

How The Legend of Korra Bent My World Into Shape At Age 25


Gay, she/her. An unabashed Disney fangirl, who may or may not have an excessive love of shipping, comics, and RPGs. She's not saying. And anything you've heard about attempts to start a cult centered around Sofia Boutella is...probably true.

‘Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’ Provides A Solid Game Of Chance


Hey, everyone! Just your friendly neighborhood nerd. From NYC/NJ, 28 years old. Ask me about a Fandom and I can go on for hours. Firefly, Penny Dreadful, and A Song of Ice and Fire are my favorites, let's get nerdy.

Artist Spotlight: Russell Dauterman


Julia is a Managing Editor at The Fandomentals with far too many hobbies and complex emotions. She may or may not be an actual Martell.

The Fandomentalist Catches Up in Lock-down


Matthew is a 20-year-old sucker for the superhero/fantasy, crime, and queer genres. He is doing his best to become a forensic scientist, but, alas, he gets easily distracted with how much great TV is being produced right now.

Legends of Tomorrow’s Gay Old Time With Pirates


Barbara is a religious studies grad student who uses fandom to avoid working on her thesis.

MCU Disney+ Shows Mix Popular And Obscure

John Darr

John Darr is the Lifestyle Editor at the Fandomentals, where they obsess over perfume and underground music. Their wacky poetry is floating around the internet - beware! Follow them for fragrance and poetry content @johndarrextreme on Instagram.

Is Peter Millar’s Crown Suited For Royalty Or Jesters?


Aspiring writer who spends too much time thinking about television and not enough time writing. Her opinions change constantly and she is always starkly aware analyzing things is easier than writing them.

The Anarchist Finds A Duck Hat


Griffin is an Entertainment Writer operating out of the Chicago area. He likes puzzles, deconstructing other puzzles, and talk show branded ice cream flavors.

Fallout: New California Is A Black Isle Fallout Game, Faults And All


Meg has a lot of ~issues. They keep her very busy. Yes, she has read the book(s).

Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House is Mostly Good, but not Without Issues


Katie spends her days reading about medieval history and her evenings wondering if it’s too late to drop out of graduate school and become an astronaut.

Short Fiction Fridays: Coping at the End of the World


Ian is an amateur nerd and geek-of-all-trades. His main obsessions include Star Wars, superheroes, and movies nobody else seems to like. His children grow increasingly annoyed by his “Dad jokes”.

Raven: The Pirate Princess is Back in Love and Revenge


Michał is a natural meddler, driven to take fiction apart and see how it works. In The Fandomentals, he examines fantasy and gaming with a critical, and somewhat cranky, eye.

First Look at Tales of Xadia


Sarah divides her mental energy between analyzing/crushing on queer characters, training for marathons and sometimes on her day job.

Beta Season: Black Lightning 2×16, ‘Omega’


Szofi is gradually exploring the depths of animation fandom. Recent graduate, cereal enthusiast, once a frequent traveller.

5+1 Potential New Avatar Projects


Taylor is a writer who will always jump at the chance to blur genres. So obviously she can't pick just one to fangirl over. Though if she had to choose, she would narrow it down to science fiction and fantasy. Currently, she is most interested in women-centric stories and the depiction of trauma in media. She is also an aspiring YA novelist and aspiring Taylor Swift scholar.

Women in Music Videos: The Chicks Politicize Abuse in Gaslighter


Angela is a full-time fantasy nerd. She is either reading a novel or talking about one. Or is watching Lord of the Rings for the hundredth time. Character archetypes and cultural context always fascinate her.

Skin Game Brings Us to the Current Conclusion


Actress, Singer, Writer, and aspiring Jack of all trades. Surviving the insanity that is Florida for 20-something years. Cute but dangerous.

Finally, the Incredibles 2 Has A Trailer


Annedey is a (French) writer and college student in public affairs who has a high predisposition to do something else than her actual college work. Theater/movie/book/Tv-show-enthusiast, she can sometimes become over-attached to cultural productions leading to the unfortunate creation of bitterness that mixes quite badly with a clear tendency to swear.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Runs Where Others Trip


Priscilla is a Brazilian writer, art student, psychologist, feminist and fangirl. Sometimes too passionate about stuff.

Why the Game of Thrones Adaptation is Better Than the Books


I'm a 24 year old gamer working two jobs so that I can do what I love. I'm passionate about supporting creators and thats why Kickstarter will always be close to my heart. If you're making something and want to be featured, reach out on twitter or instagram!

Paint a Masterpiece (or Three) With AEG’s “Atelier The Painter’s Studio”

Brody Sheard

Brody is a huge board game fan who loves games both simple and complex and he loves how they tickle the brain like nothing else does. Brody works as a cardiac travel nurse, soon to be nurse practitioner and enjoys being healthy, active, knowledgable, and a fan of many topics.

‘Yosemite’ Lets You Visit Yosemite National Park Without Stepping Foot Inside


Erin Latimer is writer whose specialties include film analysis, television and gaming reviews, and re-examining movies from her childhood through a lens of feminist fan practices and queer theory.

A New Ship Has Sailed on Couple-ish


Cameron, the writer formerly known as Nick.

Samurai Jack’s Okay Season Finale


Claire is a student with a focus on English literature and a bit of Linguistics and Anthropology on the side. Harry Potter remains her first and probably most intense obsession, followed by cute animals and caffeine.

All Becomes Well


Currently a film major with a focus in directing and a passion for all things writing, film, television and theater, oh my!

Game of Thrones Proves it was ‘All Just Cocks in the End’


A fan of media and fandoms alike, partial to overly-analytical fixation on minute details that most people simply do not care about.

Catching up with Wonder Woman gives a double-dose of trash


Veronica is an English graduate who likes to spend her time reading way too deeply into science fiction, murder mysteries, and children's cartoons.

Sherlock Sacrifices For Love In Elementary Finale


Lisa is a gay(ish) writer and stand-up comedian from Canada's west coast. A longtime fanfic author who recently made the jump to journalism, she is prone to gush ad nauseum about her OTPs. Stubbornly Watsonian and literal, she can't stand characterization and continuity errors.

Atypical Deepens its Character Work in Season 3


Zach is a complete and total nerd with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. I get passionate about almost anything, but woe betide anyone who gets me started on my Opinions™

Star Wars Rewatch: The Last Critic


Currently ensconced in the American midwest, Thaddeus pursues a lifelong journey to understand how little he actually knows. He also REALLY likes Superman.

Godzilla vs Himself


Jana should be studying for her law degree right now. She prefers to obsess over pop culture instead.

Fate: The Winx Saga Didn’t Have To Be Bad (Part 3)


Shailyn Cotten is a New York-based novelist, screenwriter, and undergraduate studying film at the School of Visual Arts. If you can’t find her perusing used bookstores, or buying up games in a Steam sale that she likely won’t ever play, you might be able to find her doing something productive, like writing articles for The Fandomentals, creating content for her YouTube channel Shai, or writing blog posts for her website,

Rapists Don’t Belong Delivering Pizzas


Russian. 28. Literary translation student, history undergrad. A happy Star Wars/Tolkien nerd, ASoIaF fan. Found delight in fruitful procrastination.

We Move Towards Episode VII as Kaz and Poe Face The Core Problem


Kathryn spends her free time watching a variety of TV shows and movies, and holds an affection for strategy games of all kinds.

‘Jabba’s Palace: A Love Letter Game’ Is Short, To The Point Fun


David is a dental hygienist by day, gamer by night. He enjoys making character sheets when bored, and re-reading the same book for the twentieth time.

Get a Great Deal on Star Trek Adventures with Humble Bundle


Journalism student that loves: TV shows, books and baking

I’ll go down with this ship… Clace


Andy is a certified master of Getting Shit Done, and has absolutely no chill.

Love, Loss, and a Little Bit of Hope: Our Retrospective of Doctor Who’s Second Season

Kristen Roche

Slytherclaw with a masters in Screenwriting. Lover of all things fantasy and Girl Power. Kristen would spend every day watching TV and writing about it if she could. The kind of girl who named her dog Buffy.

The Magicians 4×13: “The Seam”


Colin spends his time either writing or being anxious that he should be writing right now and isn't. He's a huge Tolkien fan and he values a strong cup of tea. If you see him at a party, he's probably isolated himself after either quoting too much David Foster Wallace, or too harshly deconstructing someone's favorite film.

Netlix’s Disenchantment Starts with a Disappointing Pilot


Frankie is a graphic designer and blogger. She spends most of her time on twitter talking about social justice and her fanfiction.

My Breaking Point with Live-Action Superheroes


Lynn drinks way too much coffee and spends way too much time watching TV.

Rebecca Finally Lives Up to the Title of Crazy Ex Girlfriend


An aspiring author and journalist, Bríon is just happy to be here.

The Good, The Bad and The Binary Ending


Caroline is a lawyer by day, geeky media fan and critic by night, afternoon, and lunch hour. Caroline enjoys long walks on quiet beaches so she can mentally over-analyze fictional characters and settings, and candlelit dinners that don't cause a glare on her TV screen.

Supernatural: “Unity” Remembers The Show Has a Main Plot


Charlotte is an English teacher and writer. She's living her teenage nerd dreams of living and working in Japan and spending her paychecks on comic books and gachapon toys.

Batman Beyond Brings Back Baddies

Angela D. Mitchell

Angela is a fantasy writer and gamer who loves great fiction in any form. She is the author of The Bridge, Falada, Dancing Days, and The Betrayals of Women, available for Kindle from Westmarch Publishing on, and she also discusses and analyzes the Dragon Age universe in her blog at "Dumped, Drunk and Dalish." Stop by for some Maraas-Lok!

The Dread Wolf Rises: Secrets of the Mysterious New Dragon Age Teaser


Writer and YA aficionada, Camila is a Screenwriting Student at UCLA.

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser But Not In The Good Way


Trekker, Ravenclaw/Gryffindor cusp, gamer, cosplayer. Michelle is a writer out of North Carolina who enjoys playing video games and cosplaying with her wife, petting her cats, and waxing poetic about Shakespeare, Star Trek, and everything in between. With a Masters in English Literature, she brings a unique lens to modern media and its cultural relevancy and work.

Better at the End in Star Trek: Discovery Mid-Season Finale

Michelle W.

Michelle is a recovering academic and burgeoning film and TV nerd. They love sci-fi/fantasy, comics, dystopias, LGBTQIA+ themes and characters, and character-driven comedies (sign them up for anything made by Michael Schur). Michelle loves reading, writing, and thinking about feminism, gender and LGBTQIA+ issues, and social justice in the context of film and TV.

Los Espookys brings a little light to the darkness


Instead of sorting her actual life out, Nastia prefers living vicariously through dozens of fictional characters.

K-pop October Roundup: Girl Group Domination And YG Galore

Blaire Luna

Blaire is a fantasy writer who not only gushes about good storytelling, but obsesses over other people's characters just as much as she does her own. When she's not fangirling (or ranting) over her favorite (or least favorite) media, she's seriously analyzing what makes a good story tick — or putting too much effort into her fanfiction. She also takes shipping way too seriously. Hopefully in between these invigorating activities, she'll get that novel finished. Hopefully.

White Book, Spite Book

Victoria Mann

Victoria Mann is a former Paralegal who left the devouring world of law to pursue a 7-year successful tabletop game career and currently wears many hats at White Wizard Games and is a fierce defender of justice and love. Her passions include her dogs Apollo and Athena, reading as often as possible, playing games, watching Netflix, chatting with friends or working as much as possible because she literally can't be stopped and wants to do ALL of the things.

The Treasure That Is Aunt Agatha’s Attic

Kimara S

The true enemy of games aren't NPCS—it's weight limits.

‘Metro’: Heroism At The End Of The World


Eurydice (Yoo-rih-deh-see) Howell is a proud millennial who loves to spend her life live-tweeting about her favorite shows and recommending good fanfiction. You can find her on Twitter @Tiggy4Real and Tumblr @fangirlx.

The Invasion Crossover Begins With The Flash


Neele is a university student with an aversion to sunlight, a love for storys and science and immense procratination skills.

Rivers of London Opens Up a New World


Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist. If you liked this silly nonsense, be sure to check out my blog We're Always Right to find even more.

Breaking Down the Stately new Kingsman Trailer


Recent college graduate who's just trying to figure out what to do with her degree, while simultaneously reading as many books as possible.

The Inhumans is Finally Over


Siobhan is a MLIS student. Pronouns she/her.

Reverie Ends Its First Season By Giving Answers


Simon has a hard time behaving like a human. Everything he knows from politics and sexuality, he learned from fanfics and the occasional literature.

The Layers of My Immortal—A Review


Corentin is an engineer in Earth Sciences, which means he only has so much time spent not licking rocks to look at movies or books. He likes to try and understand them with his primitive brain, sometimes he writes about them.

A Definitive Guide to Star Wars Legends


a novel- and essay-ist interested in gaming, genre fiction, and better queer representation

The Last of Us Part II and The Critical Mastery of Revenge Porn

Layla Azmi Goushey

Layla Azmi Goushey holds a Ph.D. in Adult Education: Teaching and Learning Processes and she is a Professor of English in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a poetry and non-fiction reviews contributor for Sukoon Magazine, an Arab-themed art and literature journal. She also writes media analysis. Her poetry and prose have been published in several literary journals. She has recently published two essays: “The Jordanian Kids” in the June 2019 St. Louis Anthology and “Profile of a Citizen:Generations Then and Now” in the March 2020 anthology, Beyond Memory: An Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Creative Nonfiction.

Love, Fandom, and The Dragon: Wheel of time Engages the Audience

Willow Callahan

Comic book and cat enthusiast. Not interested in being polite or heterosexual. Occasionally long-winded

Knights of X #4 Review: My Longest Yeah Boy! Ever


A casual fan of many nerdy things, Kiernan is a casual reader who's written casually from time to casual time.

Reviewed, Revisited, Reworked – Starcraft: Remastered is Here

Jordan F

Jordan is a twenty-five year old Masters student from the East Coast of Australia. When he's not surfing, working or referring to himself in the third person he's probably re-watching the Star Wars movies for the seven thousandth time, googling rumours about The Winds of Winter release date or trying to finish the two books he's trying to write.

Thrawn: Alliances Improves on its Predecessor

Sam Hope

When he needs a break from the high octane life of an accountant, Sam relaxes with a good fantasy book and preparing for the next TTRPG session.

Champions of Order Soulbound Unlocks Your Character’s Full Potential


Computer science student by day, media fanatic by night. I've been told I'm the meme friend.

Let’s Talk About Supergirl


Renee is a writer based out of Seattle, Washington. She has two cats and a habit of stress-buying $0.50 VHS tapes at Goodwill. She loves Annemarie Schwarzenbach and 90s movies about boys and their dogs.

Air Bud: An Ironic and Unironic Masterpiece

Lisa C

Lisa Caskey wrote her first story at age eight, was an avid poet in her teenage years (probably because of all that angst), and won a playwriting competition in high school. She graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona and has since lived in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. More info about Lisa and her #YA trilogy, The Farmed, is available at

Teen Titans Blood of the Manta Nails It


Musa is a semi-professional shut-in and aspiring filmmaker currently in his final year of undergrad. The looming abyss of reality after college terrifies him so he just chooses to ignore its presence.

In Defense of Bran Stark Part 1: Home is where the Heart is

Cat Webling

Hi! Author and actress based in Kansas with a love of anything strange or surreal. Sci-fi and fantasy are my jam, as are video games and TTRPGs!

Deltarune Chapter 2 Is Weird, Wired, and Wild


When she isn't running her YouTube channel, you can find Danzie playing video games, practicing historical European martial arts, and snuggling her dog Renly.

The First Female OWL Player is a Struggling Team’s Best Chance


Antoine is a (primarily French-speaking) historian of the French Revolution and, by extension, of the 18th and 19th centuries. He's always been fascinated with the echoes of history in pop culture, and is specializing on cultural history and historical representations. For better or worse, in sickness and health (mostly in sickness), he is also naturally drawn to Gothic Horror.

How Far Is “Too Far”? The Ongoing Numbing Horror of The Handmaid’s Tale

J Onyeka

J Onyeka is a writer with a focus on children's + educational content, LGBT+ studies, and media analysis. She enjoys making gifs and video edits along with reading, cosplaying, and watching DnD actual plays.

‘Monopoly: Hello Kitty And Friends’ Is A Colorful Spin On A Classic Game


Full Time Student and burgeoning author; I write the Tumblr blog (theultimatecomicmovielover) and am working on getting published. Lover of all things mundane and fascinated by nitpicking movies.

How Helmut Zemo Stacks Up in the MCU Villain Lineup

Emily Adair

Wannabe writer with a fondness for problematic faves and metatextuality. Will talk to you forever about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

5 Things I Learned From The First Season of The Sopranos


20 year old student and dedicated adult in training. Passionate about shows and entrenched in fandom.

In “Praimfaya,” Survival is a Precisely Timed Team Sport


Emma loves cosplay, cats, and clerics. Her dice collection is reaching maximum capacity and she will soon need some sort of rescue team to excavate her from the polyhedral pile. She studied stage management for theatre and spends most of her free time gaming, tabletop or otherwise.

GenCon Report: Fantasy Flight Games Gears Up for New Releases, Big Names


Michael is a university student, teaching assistant, and a contributor at the Fandomentals. He's a lover of most things science fiction, fantasy, and more.

The Testaments, The Winds of Winter, and the Post-Adaptation Sequel


Lin is a hopelessly nerdy tinkerer. They love to pull things apart and examine the how and why of everything from gadgets to media. Cares deeply about intersectional issues.

Diversity and Representation in Overwatch Part 1


Jessica is your standard issue TV nerd. Sometimes she writes, but mostly she just cries about fictional characters.

Fandom Socials: Ultimate Frisbee Offers Clubs, Camaraderie


Workaholic restauranteur & lady gamer. Will likely disintegrate if not provided with ample amounts of game time, LGBT community interaction or pickled plums. Also subject to losing hours of sleep due to fanfiction.

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood: How Square ENIX Keeps You Addicted


French and German student in London with a love of using literature to analyse behemoths of popular culture. She wants nothing more than faithful, quality adaptations of ASOIAF, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

Courtly Rhetoric in ASOIAF and The Courtly Lady


Recent graduate with a passion for all things sci-fi. Collector of bookmarks. Maybe a bit too enthusiastic about Star Wars.

Early Sci-fi Novels Featuring Female Protagonists


Rebecca is a storyline enthusiast who loves reading, listening to music and podcast, and watching tv. When she is not obsessing over plot and characters she can be found hanging out with her dog, Sirius, though he would argue that she is always obsessing over something.

Ladies First Discusses The Owl house

Carla M. Delgado

Carla M. Delgado often writes about culture, health & wellness, sustainability, travel, and more. Outside of writing, she is a theatre practitioner with several theatre credits under her belt.

The Fascinating Significance of Fire Nation Topknots in the Avatar Universe

Rebecca F

Glued to a PC for gaming and professional purposes. When not playing Mass Effect for the umpteenth time, I can be found petting cats and enjoying a typical South African braai.

Cult of the Lamb Demo: The Cutest Game of Indoctrination

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