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The Common Varieties of Tea Dragon is Beautiful and Soothing

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If you like tea, dragons, and puzzles, I have the perfect puzzle series for you! Based on the Tea Dragon Society graphic novel series by K. O’Neill, the puzzles include very cute tea dragons hanging out.

This charming all-ages novel follows Greta, a blacksmith’s apprentice, and the people that she meets as she becomes entwined in the enchanting world of tea dragons.

Renegade Game Studios, which publishes the puzzles, also has a card game where players discover the ancient form of Tea Dragon caretaking. Each player’s deck represents their own Tea Dragon and each card triggers effects, strengthens their position, or allows the player to improve their deck to score points.

Renegade Game Studios currently has two different card deck games.

Each of the puzzles in the Tea Dragon Society collection includes characters from the graphic novel and are 1000 piece puzzles, making them the perfect size to finish and hang on the wall!

The puzzle that I received for a fair review is the first puzzle in the collection, which features eight of the tea dragons like Jasmine, Hibiscus, and Earl Grey. Frankly it’s the most adorable puzzle that I’ve ever completed!

At 50 by 70 cm, or approximately 19.7 by 27.6 inches, it’s a hefty sized puzzle, so you’ll definitely need a good sized flat surface to work on it. Renegade Game Studios spared no expense in packaging the puzzle, which came in a beautifully glossy box and even included a zip lock bag for when the puzzle is done and needs packing up, though I put mine on the wall by my desk.


Plus, the image was printed on heavy duty cardboard so none of the pieces were bent or came apart, though you should be careful when pulling apart any pieces that got stuck together in transit.

For $20, this (and the other) puzzle are very worth it and I’m excited to see what puzzles come from the company next. You can pre-order either on the website now.

Image and puzzle courtesy of Renegade Game Studios

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