Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Comedians Sam Richardson And Tony Hale To Join Critical Role For Special Red Nose Day One-Shot

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Today, the Critical Role Foundation, in collaboration with the nonprofit Comic Relief US, announced a special celebrity one-shot tabletop-based fundraiser to benefit the Red Nose Day campaign, comedians Sam Richardson (The Afterparty) and Tony Hale (Arrested Development, Veep, Harley Quinn). Set to air as a special episode for Giving Tuesday on November 28, 2023, YOU get to decide how the adventure unfolds! Funds raised through the campaign will support crucial programs that ensure children are safe, healthy, educated and empowered in communities most impacted by poverty, systemic inequity, and injustice in the US and around the world.

Red Nose Day USA is the signature fundraising campaign run by the non-profit organization Comic Relief US, a registered U.S. 501(c)(3). Red Nose Day started in the U.K. in 1988, built on the foundation that the power of entertainment can drive positive social change. To date, it has raised over $1 billion globally. Since its US launch in 2015, Red Nose Day has raised over $365 million and positively impacted over 32 million children in the US and around the world. For more information about Comic Relief US and the Red Nose Day campaign, visit www.comicrelief.org. Follow @ComicReliefUS on LinkedIn, X, Instagram, and Facebook.

From October 25 through November 3 at 11:59pm Pacific, donations made through Critical Role’s Tiltify page at critrole.com/rednoseday can be allocated towards voting in special polls which will shape the adventure. The more donors contribute, the more the scales will be tipped in favor of the preferred story elements selected by the donors. The story elements that gain the most donations will be utilized in the adventure, which will air on Giving Tuesday, November 28 on Critical Role’s Twitch (twitch.tv/criticalrole) and YouTube (youtube.com/criticalrole) channels, with the VOD available to watch the very next day on the Critical Role YouTube channel Wednesday, November 29 at 12pm Pacific. 

The campaign will see Critical Role’s Chief Creative Officer and Game Master, Matthew Mercer (The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom), guide fellow Critical Role co-founders Liam O’Brien (Star Wars: The Bad Batch), Laura Bailey (The Last of Us), and Taliesin Jaffe (Horizon Forbidden West), alongside our special celebrity guests on an adventure YOU get to decide. Set among the enigmatic islands of the Shattered Teeth, a troupe of unlikely allies finds themselves thrust into a fateful journey of high-adventure and absolute absurdity. Your donation controls which way the story unfolds. Vote on the characters our cast will play, the event transpiring that starts the adventure, the mysterious treasure they uncover during their adventure, and more.

For more information on the campaign and to donate TODAY, please visit https://critrole.com/rednoseday.

Images via Critical Role

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