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Cat’s Kickstarter Corner #6: Spectres, Spirits, and Spies

Welcome back to Cat’s Kickstarter Corner! Some quick updates: WarRift and Collateral Damage were BOTH funded! It brings me so much joy to be able to report when these games get funded. Speaking of joy, it’s September, and things are going to start getting spookier. We’ve got a horror game first up which, to be fair, is nothing new. But stay tuned, we have exciting things planned as we get more into the season. Now, onto the games!

Board Games

Scarlet Night by Big Fish Games

Next Stretch Goal: $40,000

Current Percentage: 98%

Days Remaining: 9

Scarlet Night is a horror board game with three different modes. The players find themselves locked into the Scarlet Motel. Work together cooperatively to escape, or split into two teams and compete for survival. Thanks to stretch goals, one player now has the option to be the Phantom terrorizing and killing the others. The game also comes with an app, adding ambience and a hidden detector aspect. Scanning the tokens and doors can reveal secret information, but beware. The Phantom lurks in these walls too. Find the keys and watch the lights for your way out of this haunting.

Occult by Spirit House Society

Goal: $3,682

Current Percentage: 48%

Days Remaining: 14

Occult is a game of monsters, full of the unpredictability that comes with them. Each player seeks to have their monster survive three turns. This is tracked based on the rotation of the card, no dice or pen and paper required! However, monsters are not always beneficial to their controller, so you’ll need some other options to help you win. The thief, dancer, merchant, and slayer will provide you with the power you need to ensure your monster survives. Don’t worry. If you can’t, you can always win by banishing three of your opponents’ monsters. Beautifully designed, this card game has a lot of potential.


Tabletop RPG

The North Road  – A Fantasy RPG Book and PDF by Quest Givers

Goal: $9,114

Current Percentage: 41%

Days Remaining: 21

The North Road contains twelve modules and four quick quests in a system neutral package. The goal of this RPG book is to provide inspiration, guidance, and plot to game runners of any game. It provides unique monsters throughout the modules in order to provide continuity, but the stats can be adjusted based on need and system. The modules are dark, political, and full of trickery. This Kickstarter is also aiming to create a basis for Quest Givers to go on when creating even more content. If these interest you, but you aren’t ready for a full book, many of the modules are available to purchase on their website!



Gemhammer Grimoire by Gemhammer Games

Next Stretch Goal: $7,500

Current Percentage: 80%

Days Remaining: 23

Wow, this deck is offers so much. And with the stretch goals getting crossed off, the list just keeps growing. Spells, sub-classes, invocations, meta-magic, items, ingredients…it’s truly a magical menagerie. I am so excited by the unique approach to magic this can bring to any spell caster. There’s even epic level spells for higher level campaigns. Not only is everything unique and exciting, the design is magical itself. We have plenty of time still to meet more of these goals. Let’s expand the Grimoire!

Wild Card

Reigns: The Council by Nerial

Goal: $79,793

Current Percentage: 93%

Days Remaining: 21

I was so excited to see this game. I still remember when I first played the app, Reigns, which is still available for free on the App Store. One of my D&D players was playing it before session, and by breakfast the next morning we were all talking strategy and swapping stories of our rule. Players of the app will recognize the main mechanics of this multiplayer card game. One player is the ruler, and all other players will be their “trusted” advisors. Each advisor has a secret goal that they would like to see accomplished. They will make proposals to the monarch, and depending on the result, the four factions of the realm will be affected. If any of the four become too weak or too powerful, the reign ends. Will you bring peace to the realm, or will chaos rule at your table?


  • Cat

    I'm a 24 year old gamer working two jobs so that I can do what I love. I'm passionate about supporting creators and thats why Kickstarter will always be close to my heart. If you're making something and want to be featured, reach out on twitter or instagram!


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