Monday, September 25, 2023

Cat’s Kickstarter Corner #3: Art, Alchemy, and Anarchy

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Welcome back to Cat’s Kickstarter Corner, I have got some fun art this week. Strange monsters, tattoos, and colorful worlds are all asking your help in their creation below. Multiple artists have contributed to a cool new option for your battle map needs. And a different kind of art is taking place in this corner’s RPG. Check them out, and let us know if you back any.

Board Games

Weird Alchemy by Daniel Gorin

Goal: $2,500

Current Percentage: 110%

Days Remaining: 26

Accidents happen, but a good alchemist knows who to blame. Or at least, if that alchemist wants to keep their head they do. In this game, everyone is an alchemist working on experimental creatures. When things go wrong, you want to make sure you have the fewest number of monsters in your lab. The game is played by passing monsters off to your opponents, and the person with the lowest score at the end wins. But this is not purely a game of monstrous hot potato. You also have the ability to cast spells, and these will be used after any accidents happen. The Kickstarter also offers a special box which includes the first expansion: The Alchemists Garden. Weird Alchemy has quick gameplay and quirky art, making it a fun addition to any game night.

Tattoo Brawl: No Paint, No Game! by Gaming Hole

Goal: $23,666

Current Percentage: 24%

Days Remaining: 14

Are you the best tattoo artist in the studio? Time to find out. Once you have a client you need to mix ink in order to tattoo them, creating secondary colors from primary. Once you have a color palette chosen you’ll need to find a tattoo for your client. Good tattoos take time, so you’ll need to wait for a clock to reach the right time before you can collect your payment. Will you specialize in quick pieces or be known for your elaborate works? The game designers chose the latter; the pieces and player boards are immersive, with an artistic flair and streamlined use. Get tattooing!

Tabletop RPG

Red Carnations on a Black Grave by Catherine Ramen

Next Stretch Goal: $16,000

Current Percentage: 500%

Days Remaining: 9

This RPG is steeped in history. Instead of creating your own character and setting, you will choose two from a diverse cast of historical characters. Your journey goes through the story of the Paris Commune in 1871. Inspiration cards will help guide you through the three scenes, and the player who frames that scene each time. The final scene is The Bloody Week, and this is why you control two players: one of your characters will die. After the slaughter, the fate of the survivors will be determined. Red Carnations on a Black Grave is a fascinating exploration of a painful but hope fueled time in history. As you discover the motives behind their revolution, the hopes they had for their nation, and the pain and suffering they endured you open yourself to deeper questions about your own experiences. What would you fight for?


The Mimic’s Grid: The Adaptable RPG Adventure Tile by Cursed Crypt

Next Stretch Goal: 500 Backers

Current Percentage: 200%

Days Remaining: 4

Looking to take your tabletop gaming to the next level? Not ready to commit to intensely built battle maps? Have you considered… magnets? The Mimic’s Grid uses magnets to easily create an immersive experience for your players. The artist packs have gorgeous art you can add to your map, from gorgeous 2D renderings to ingenious 3D options. They are also adding an Add-On Market and Backer Kits. With all of these choices, anyone can find exactly what they need to elevate their game. Literally, check out the dragon in that trailer and keep an eye out for updates on it.

Wild Card

Achroma: Chronicles of the Five Realms by Jack Constantine

Goal: $62,609

Current Percentage: 5%

Days Remaining: 24

Achroma is a collectible card game with a companion app. There are two different Palette, or deck types: Chroma and Achrom. Chroma cards are very colorful, while Acrhom cards are mostly black and white. These show the different factions present within each of the five realms. There are four card types: characters, locations, objects, and actions. And unlike other collectible card games such as Magic: the Gathering or Hearthstone, you do not have a separate health and resource pool. You have one resource: Achroma. It is both your ability to cast spells and your life total, and you win if you reach 30 or your opponent reaches 0. That one detail got me intrigued, but looking at the art and the story got me to stay. Not only does the game have a lot of lore, it has a long history of creations for Jack. I really hope to see this one succeed.


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