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Cat’s Kickstarter Corner #1: Corruption, Curses, and Creepy Campouts

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Welcome to the very first edition of Cat’s Kickstarter Corner. Twice a month, I will be bringing you a curated list of Kickstarter campaigns that I think are worth checking out. Each installment will feature two board games, a tabletop roleplaying game, and a gaming accessory. I will also throw in one other Kickstarter that could be in any of these categories. With each segment, I aim to bring you unique and exciting innovations and stories. Kickstarter offers a wealth of new projects, and we have the privilege to be a part of their creation. The first roundup each month will feature new campaigns, the projects that just launched on the platform. In two weeks, I’ll feature projects that are nearly at their end,  hopefully to give everyone a final chance to back projects in need of help or that are just really cool.

Board Games

X-ODUS: Rise of the Corruption by Bored Game Inc.

Goal: $22,623

Current Percentage: 41%

Days Remaining: 28

X-ODUS asks you to choose a ship, find allies, and explore a forgotten galaxy in the search for a collapsing rift. This is a dangerous mission. Avatars will hunt you and your allies relentlessly as you seek the keys you need to stop them. It is a race for survival against an always ticking clock. Throughout your journey you will upgrade your ship and strengthen your alliances. The game will be different with each attempt, as the universe unfolds around you with the use of hexagonal tiles. After all, it would not make sense for someone to have a map of this long-abandoned region. While you are stronger together, this game can also be played solo for an added challenge. Watch the official trailer below:


The Few and the Cursed: A Curse Chasing Adventure by Mike Gnade

Next Stretch Goal: $60,000

Current Percentage: 97%

Days Remaining: 16

Set in an alternate universe where the oceans evaporated back in the 1800s, you and up to three other players are “curse chasers” in the desert of the Pacific Ocean. This is an asymmetric game, with each character having different abilities and starting decks. This game is based on a comic series of the same name (which is also on Kickstarter), and that rich lore plays into this game in form of encounter cards. These cards depend on where you are, and they offer you choices that will immediately impact the game. Curses should not be messed around with lightly, however. Each character will be affected differently when cursed, but all those roads lead to death. This game is already funded, but they have a ton of stretch goals lined up, and the next one has almost been reached.

Tabletop RPG

Sleepaway: A Tabletop RPG by Jay Dragon

Next Stretch Goal: $4,500

Current Percentage: 98%

Days Remaining: 23

It’s summer, and what’s better for summer than a spooky camp story? In this RPG you play as camp counselors protecting the attendees from what lives in the woods around your camp. There are only two remaining stretch goals for this project, and one of them is almost complete. It uses the “Belonging Outside Belonging” system, which is a diceless system where everyone works together instead of having one facilitator. Sleepaway has also added Rituals to the system, unique out of game actions that serve to highlight the scenes in play. This RPG promises to be a creative endeavor perfect for an evening around the campfire.

Backers can choose the softcover edition or special hardcover edition (above) that contains a special cover by Sadie Bies


Healer’s Dice by Steven Collins

Goal: $20,000

Current Percentage: 25%

Days Remaining: 27

Remembering what to roll for healing potions is a constant question at my table, and I’m sure others feel the same way. This campaign solves that problem in a unique way. Pill sized and shaped dice will be delivered to backers in a pill or potion bottle. These dice are not your typical D&D dice, however. The numbers are modified to take into account what is added for each potion. They also come with a prescription so you know exactly what to roll. Did I mention they’re pretty? They’re pretty.

Wild Card

The StoryMaster’s Tales “Weirding Woods” by Oliver McNeil

Next Stretch Goal: $25,382

Current Percentage: 89%

Days Remaining: 19

Weirding Woods gets the special slot this time. This game is an ambitious hybrid of gaming, with elements from board games, card games, roleplaying games and choose your own adventure books. Inspired by folklore and the Grimm brothers, this game asks you to embark on a quest. You can experience the story alone, or bring your friends with you on your adventure. The art is beautiful, and an added soundscape helps to complete the ambience. The game is completely funded, though the creator has mentioned a surprise addition if they reach 20,000 pounds. With everything they have already included, I will be keeping on an eye on this to see what comes next.

Images courtesy of Kickstarter

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