Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Cat’s Crowdfunding Corner: Goffik As Heck

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Welcome back to Cat’s Crowdfunding Corner! It’s officially October, so I can be unabashedly spooky now. Speaking of spooky, we’ve been visited by the Ghost of Kickstarter’s Past. On the Rocks from PenTree Games has been relaunched. Check that out, and make sure to check out these other hauntings I have for you.

Board Games

Soothsayer by Sarah Rowan


Goal: $19,500

Current Percentage: 17%

Days Remaining: 23

I have never seen a game like this. Soothsayer has its players take on the role of oracles, completing their prophetic rituals as outlined by the Head Oracle. There are ten supplicants that could seek your aid. Each one has sixteen possible stories to be uncovered. You will uncover these stories by reading the stars. The game board allows players to create constellations by placing stars in any spot without one. The constellations created can be interpreted in one of two ways. The choices you make will build a prophecy, and if it rhymes, all the better. Play ends if an oracle runs out of cards, or when that prophecy reaches eight cards. There’s incense to offer, skills to learn, and many stories to discover. This will also be the only printing of the game, so it’s now or never.

Vamp on the Batwalk by Gold Nugget Games


Goal: $5,000

Current Percentage: 49%

Days Remaining: 17

This is a game that says strategy? Naaaaaah. Let’s be surprised. Players choose a vampire to strut their stuff down the batwalk. There is in fact an actual batwalk that doubles as a score board. The standees begin at the start and will gain points by putting on the best show. The kicker here is that you have no idea what card you’re playing. All cards in your hand must be facing away from you, as vampires cannot see themselves in a mirror. You can play any card in your hand, but you’ll never know what it is until it’s played. This game is quick and fun, with the capability for anyone to pick it up. Just be careful of the garlic in your game night snacks.

Tabletop RPG

Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars RPG by Jason Vey


Goal: $8,000

Current Percentage: 57%

Days Remaining: 24

Night Shift was designed to be able to live out any of the urban fantasy/horror we see on TV and in books. It is debuting a new system from Elf Lair Games called O.G.R.E.S. (Oldschool Generic Roleplaying Engine System) which will run alongside O.R.C.S. (Oldschool Roleplaying Core System), and is there next attempt at creating a more unified system. The book itself expands on this idea by adding tons of customization options. It will provide the basics needed to craft the world of your dreams (or nightmares), and provide the tools you need to truly make it your own. There will be multiple options for advancement presented, and depending on the success of this book, a classless option may be in the works. This looks like it has the potential to spawn some incredibly fun games.


Dice of the Ancients: A Tabletop RPG Accessory by David Savedge


Promotion: First 200 Backers

Current Backers: 150

Days Remaining: 5

As someone who plays tabletop RPGs, I think about dice a lot. I look at dice a lot. And for me at least, this is the first time I’ve seen someone make dice look Old. These dice look like they were found in a dungeon, not just used to explore one. They are solid brass with the option of a blue-green patina that creates a stunning effect. Not cool enough for you? Check out the hexagonal and runic options. And early shipping in December goes to the first 200 backers, so the next 50 people can enjoy that perk!

Wild Card

Moonflight: The Deck Unbuilder by Man O’Kent Games



Goal: $9,859

Current Percentage: 97%

Days Remaining: 10

Moonflight is a game in two parts: Moonrise and Moonfall. Moonrise operates like any other deck builder. You play cards to get cards and repeat the process. However, Moonfall closes the marketplace and all cards rotate 180 degrees. Now players must dismantle what they have built. The first person who has no cards in their draw or discard piles triggers the end of the game. There are no final rounds, no last chances. The more efficiently you can unbuild your deck, the better your odds of having the best scoring hand. Not only is this concept incredibly cool, the setting and art are truly stunning. This incredible game is so close to being funded, let’s see it created.

Be sure to tune in later this month for an EXTRA SPOOKY special edition of Cat’s Crowdfunding Corner!

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