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Cat’s Crowdfunding Corner: Spooked Solid

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Welcome back to Cat’s Crowdfunding Corner! I’ve got more spooky games for you, but first: a check in on our previous games. Moonflight was funded! Soothsayer (29%), Vamp on the Batwalk (86%), and Night Shift (65%) are all still up and have not met their goals. Be sure to check them out before they run out of time. Onto the new!

Board Games

H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Cats of Ulthar” Card Game by Gilgamesh Games

Next Stretch Goal: $10,000

Current Percentage: 95%

Days Remaining: 10

It’s Lovecraft and cats. How could I not include this? This game casts players as spellcasters attempting to be the first to kill The Cotter and Wife. In order to cast such powerful magic, they will need feline companions. As you gather your cats, you’ll need to make sure your opponent isn’t getting too powerful. However, if you kill a cat, you’ll face the wrath of the Elder Gods. The next stretch goal will introduce Nyarlathotep, and we won’t know what crossing him yields until it is reached. Oh, and if you really want, you can pay extra to have your own pet in the game!


Too Many Ghosts! A Cooperative Card Game by Mad Cactus Labs

Next Stretch Goal: $12,000

Current Percentage: 97%

Days Remaining: 9

Who you gonna call? Your friends! Too Many Ghosts! is a co-op game, and you’ll all need to work together to catch these ghosts. Each type of ghost behaves differently, and the border of their card will show you how many turns you have before they escape. Some ghosts are so powerful they will affect the game when they show up, like the Blue Ghost that forces all players to discard the very cards they need to catch him. If there are, in fact not enough ghosts for you; this game already has expansions. One of these is Kickstarter exclusive, so if you’re interested you’ll have to back it here. And there are multiple stretch goals that will add even more ghosts to the game. So grab your extremely-similar-but-legally-distinct-from-proton-packs packs and get catching!

Tabletop RPG

Seekers Beyond the Shroud by Exalted Funeral

All Goals Reached!

Days Remaining: 5

If your ideal October night involves pouring over dusty tomes and discovering mystical secrets, Seekers Beyond the Shroud is for you. This is a solo roleplaying game, meaning you can go at your own pace, on your own schedule, and hoard all the power. Sounds enticing, right? The mission system is randomly generated, so there will always be chances to dive back in and learn more. The stretch goals for this project have been met, which means the game you purchase will be at its peak performance. Explore London, secret societies, alchemy, and all manner of things occult. Make pacts, practice powerful spells, and defeat the enemies to your order. With 80,000 words all for you, the possibilities are waiting beyond the shroud.

Spooky scary, spooky scary, spooky scary


The Cursed Collective: 5E/PF 2.0 Compatible Cursed Items by Ralph Levi Clark

Next Stretch Goal: $20,000

Current Percentage: 56%

Days Remaining: 10

I love cursed items. I love them. I make sure to tell every DM and Game Master I have ever had that if an item just so happens to be cursed… well that’d be great (EN: As a former DM for Cat, Dan confirmed this). Now there are 50+ more options for my character to experience power at a cost. The curses range from inconvenient to painful, and those are just the few I can see. Plus, the art is superb. I would definitely loot these. The items also work in both Dungeons & Dragons 5E and Pathfinder 2.0, so you can spice up games in either system. There’s also a print and play option for only $10, so this is quite the accessible option. The next stretch goal unlocks an entire adventure themed around Christmas horror. Continue the spooky season into Christmas? Sign me up.

Wild Card

The Corrupted Collection by Wyrmwood Gaming

Next Stretch Goal: ???

Days Remaining: 10

Oh, Wyrmwood. These gaming accessories are incredibly well known, and the success of this Kickstarter proves that further. However, this is not just a new product. This Kickstarter features the Halloween collection from both this year and last year. If you missed out their gorgeous coffin shaped dice box in 2018, you have another chance. This year’s offering includes stunning etchings of classic horror monsters, some of which glow in the dark, and the stretch goals that they’ve funded  offer even more options and materials. There is a note that more stretch goals are in the works… what lurks behind the scenes?

Be sure to check in next week for a special edition of Cat’s Crowdfunding Corner. Instead of games, I’ll be showing you the incredible world of crowdfunded tarot and oracle decks. But I don’t need to pull out my cards to know that there’s some truly beautiful art in your future!


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