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Ariadne has spent a lot of her time in Evastria praying. First to Salah, and now to Waeljna, hoping that someone will answer. Hoping...

Dia frampton and Andi René Christensen smiling for the camera in merry and gay


Is it really the holiday season if you haven’t watched a rom-com? If you like holiday rom-coms, then Merry & Gay premiering next Thursday...

Ava Silva and Sister Beatrice in Season 2 of Warrior Nun on Netflix.


This article was written by guest writer, Giselle Diaz, of Warrior Nun Fan Promo. In the final episode of the second season of Simon...

warrior nun sister lilith as the disaster chosen one


I think it is safe to say that Warrior Nun has few characters, if any, as conflicting as Lilith. She spends half of season...