Friday, September 22, 2023

Official Announcement: The Carol Awards in one week!!

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The votes are being tallied and the Carols are being polished!! And though it’s going to be down the very last ballot for some of these categories, we’re happy to bring you the official announcement video:

[reveal heading=”%image% Click here to read the video transcript“]

Coming soon, an event so exciting, so elegant, so dramatically satisfying…you may need to lie down. And then stand up again, to applaud.

It’s The Carol Awards! That’s right, the ceremony that celebrates the best writing on television is back, and bigger than ever. There are 50 Golden Carols on the table in emmy-esque categories such as “Most Creative Use of Teleportation”; “Most Empowering Act of Violence”; and “Most Sensitive Child-Death.”

So visit this Wednesday, July 20th for the second annual event… held in memorium of our namesake, Carol Lannister.



In the meanwhile, we are…abashed to announce the official nominees for Most Egregious Editor’s Oversight. It was a difficult process, but we narrowed it down to the top 10:

  • Cheryl torturing Spoonella and handing her over to Gregor in “most empowered act of violence.”
  • The entire category: “Biggest Middle Finger to Martin”
  • Benjen Stark to the “They Earned their Paycheck”
  • Ellaria playing Doran/Olenna playing Arianne in “Best character misappropriation”
  • ‘I wonder what Khaleesi tastes like,” says the Khal, in “Most Emmy Worthy Line”
  • “Best Cosplay” category: Cheryl cosplaying Tywin, The other Red Priestess cosplaying Melisandre, Larry cosplaying Tywin too, Lyanna Mormont cosplaying a Night’s watch member (is black is the only color they wear in the North?)
  • The Broken Man speech in “Best Book Detail Misappropriation”
  • “You’re not going to serve, you’re going to die.” in “Most Emmy Worthy Line”
  • Yara’s “Buck up, Theon” speech be in “D&Dare the BEST Allies”
  • High Sparrow telling Marg to lie back and think of Weissreroff in “Best High Sparrow Speech”

Though try as we might, it will never be as prestigious as the illustrious “Creatively it Made Sense Because We Wanted it to Happen” award.

For those who would like to review the categories and choices again, a copy of the official ballot can be accessed here. This will not, in any way, affect the winners.

So mark your calendars and get those bottles of champagne ready for next week!

Images in video courtesy of HBO


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