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BoxLunch Studio Ghibli Collection Pays Homage to Totoro and Ponyo

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love Studio Ghibli and its films. I fell in love with Spirited Away when Toonami first aired it in March 2006 as a part of “A Month of Miyazaki.” I jumped at the chance to try some of the new items from BoxLunch and their newest Studio Ghibli collection dedicated to My Neighbor Totoro and Ponyo!

I received two pairs of earrings, the My Neighbor Totoro and Ponyo purses, a Totoro glass cup with wooden lid, and from a previous collection, a Chihiro and Haku Spirited Away tapestry throw!

Totoro Earrings

The Flower and Dangling earrings are both really cute! I love dangling/long earrings because I wear a hijab so studs never really show, but I can pull the hanging parts of the earring out and wear them comfortably!

I didn’t have issues with the metal in the earring back and neither pair felt too heavy. I definitely plan to keep an eye out for other designs that I like to purchase myself. There’s not much else to say about earrings. They’re cute! They’re affordable!

My Neighbor Totoro and Ponyo Purses

The My Neighbor Totoro purse is so cute! It has both printed and beaded details with a botanical scene on the front flap. Soot sprites are on the sides, and the inside flap has the catbus! A lot of branded purses don’t have things on the inside flaps, or the inside of the purse itself is a boring color, but the inside is printed too! There’s also multiple pockets, sometimes lacking on other “fun” purses.

I am super picky about purses because I stuff them full of everything you could ever need and am known to just plop them down wherever when I’m out and about. I would not do that to this one as it’s way too pretty to be treated like my usual mom bags.

However, the purse is super sturdy and I wasn’t worried about it ripping or anything like that. I am afraid of getting it dirty since so much of it is white, so I’ll just need to be really careful!

The Ponyo purse has a literal dome to reflect the scenes from the movie and heavily features Ponyo It’s delightful and also I hope I don’t break it. Its inside is also printed and there are pockets! Both are priced at $70, which is a bit higher priced than I would spend on my own but BoxLunch has lots of sales and coupons so it’s not impossible to get it a bit lower. (Both as of writing are discounted!)

Totoro Allover Print Glass with Straw

I love cute glasses and other vehicles for drinking water as I am a member of BigWater and think everyone should be more hydrated. This glass is the best thing EVER, except I didn’t realize the straw was glass too and almost broke it while unpacking it, so don’t be like me. I’ve been putting my iftar drinks in the glass. My only issue was that it smelled a bit weird when I first opened (probably just from packaging) so make sure you wash it really well!

a glass cup with pink liquid next to a box showing the cup in its packaging

It isn’t microwavable but is very easy to hand wash, which is good because it is hand wash only. The wood has a silicone closure around it but that was easy to clean as well! I hate cleaning the lids of my water bottles so I’m glad to have a easy to use option. For $18.90 and holding 16oz of liquid, I think this is a fair price! I do wish it had measurements marked on the side though.

Chihiro and Haku Tapestry Throw

I also got this tapestry throw which was part of a previous BoxLunch Studio Ghibli release. This does not feel comfortable as a throw unfortunately. It might get a bit softer after a few washes but I think they should have just kept it as a tapestry, which is how I plan to use it!

The photo below is in my bedroom to show the size. It is 48 by 60 inches so it’s sizeable. The actual weave is good and the print of the characters and the quote are great. I just wish it was soft!

Chihiro hugging Haku in spirited away above the words "Once you've met someone, you never really forget them."

Overall I’m a fan, I just think BoxLunch shouldn’t call them throws, and make separate throws!

You can check out all these items and the rest of the expansive Studio Ghibli collection at BoxLunch!

Images and review copies courtesy of BoxLunch

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