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Evil Corner: Black Lightning 2×15: The Alpha

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Welcome back Black Lightning fans! This week, we’ve got a lot of character stuff and not a lot of plot, so let’s get into it.

Jefferson and Lynn are back to their hardcore co-parenting, by which I mean they are agreeing on some things and thoughtfully talking about them with their kids! Ah, healthy family dynamics are great. (Well, mainly healthy.) And the thing they have agreed on is The Code, aka three rules that Jen and Anissa must agree to: 1. Don’t tell anyone about fight club I mean powers; 2. Don’t do anything reckless or anything without backup; and 3. Thou shalt not kill. It’s this last one that Jen can’t get on board with because she will stop at nothing to avenge Khalil by killing Tobias. And who can blame her? But Jefferson gives her a biblical lecture about how no one should have the power to decide who lives or dies, which is also a good point, and Jen reluctantly agrees to refrain from killing him.

Touching father-daughter moment.

Lala, though, has come to the realization the Tobias is the root of all evil, specifically all the pain and suffering Lala has experienced. He is definitely going to try to kill Tobias so he can finally rest in peace. With the help of the scientist dude who brings people (and roadkill?) back to life by making organ soup! Scientist guy has a fancy gun, which he gives to Lala, because not a single person outside Tobias’s inner circle *doesn’t* want him dead. Unfortunately, Lala fails, slowed by Cutter’s blades while Tobias and Cutter run away in a car. Even Jen shows up as they’re running, breaking her promise, and wearing her new unfinished suit, which basically leaves her in a weak ball of flame in the road. Jen, I love you, but you don’t think things through! She’s getting there. She’s definitely matured as a character, and I am 200% here for her development.

Anissa is still shook about the dead horse and serious martial arts skills of the guy she fought last week while looking for Grace. Luckily, she has a sister and an uncle who help her figure out that wait, one time Anissa saw Grace’s eyes change color—could she be a shape-shifter?? The answer is yes, Anissa. Yes, and you must find her. Even Jen says so.

For her part, Lynn is mothering not only her own daughters but Wendy, the only meta left after the kidnapping. Lynn is trying to get Wendy hooked up with Perenna as therapist and Jen as friend, but Odell wants her to be a soldier. Lynn firmly and effectively refuses to let Odell turn her into a soldier before she’s had a chance to go to school and be in the world, and Odell actually agrees to this. However, it seems clear that his compliance to Lynn’s demands have some kind of sinister ulterior motive, since he’s still spying on the entire Pierce family via secret cameras in their house. And he ominously drops hints that he knows who Black Lightning and Thunder are.

MVP Lynn.

In Evil Corner, Tobias, Cutter, and Jace have woken the remaining prison metas and are on the brink of waking the pod kids they stole. In the meantime, Tobias sends one of the prison metas to wreak havoc on Freeland by heating up gas pipes so that homes start exploding. But when Black Lightning and Thunder show up to fight him, Tobias reluctantly heeds Jace’s advice to have the prison meta retreat; he’s too valuable to lose. As in, money valuable, because the plan seems to be to sell these one-person armies to the highest bidder. Great!

That’s it for this week friends! See you next week, when I for one am hoping Grace will be back!

Images Courtesy of the CW

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