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Light it Up: Black Lightning 2×13, ‘Pillar of Fire’

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Welcome to episode 2×13, fellow Black Lightning fans! The plot is really ramping up these days, so let’s get into it.

Everyone’s favorite bulletproof lesbian Anissa continues her search for Grace, enlisting Gambi after she shyly tells him she’s looking for her girlfriend. I’m not sure if Gambi already knew that Anissa is a lesbian but he’s not phased and I’m here for Anissa’s sexuality not being weird or negative for literally anyone around her. Gambi does some sleuthing and finds out Grace Choi is an assumed identity; she was actually an orphan who, after living with several foster families as a kid, was kidnapped as a teenager and sold into a child prostitution ring that was later busted by ICE. So, that’s harrowing.

Jen suggests to Anissa that maybe Grace just doesn’t want to be with her and that’s why she disappeared, which honestly isn’t a leap of a conclusion given how Anissa used to treat Grace…but anyway we know that’s not the case. It has something to do with a meta-ish thing and maybe something about her past too! I want to know so much more about Grace.

Lesbian Tears

 Jen, in the meantime, really learns some stuff about her powers this episode. It opens on her in a sphere in the inner sanctum, where Gambi and Jefferson are testing her powers. She has at least as much power as a nuclear weapon apparently? Later she continues to not listen to the pleas of her family and goes on a mission to find Tobias by lighting up all of his minions, none of whom seem to know where he is, but before she gets an answer she runs out of power and passes out. Or rather, she over-exerts her power, which leads us to a flashback of Perenna saying that if she doesn’t control her power she could literally explode. Yikes! Luckily Anissa/Thunder saves her from the 100 this time.

Pretty sure the episode title is referring to Jen

For his part, Jefferson is on the brink of getting his job as principal of Garfield High back after the video of Principal Lowry’s handling of the sit in from last week goes viral. But Jeff is the only person in the world who doesn’t seem to think he’s a better principal than Lowry and defends him to the board. Yo, at least get someone else if you don’t feel like you can handle the job Jeff! Lowry is terrible.

Here for how much Langston Hughes is in Jefferson’s classroom

Meanwhile, Tobias and Cutter revive one of the evil metas they stole last week, from the ASA project that turned convicted felons into metas, whose name is Marcus. Dr. Jace invented a brainstem-controlling watch so they can keep him under control, which is handy. Marcus and Cutter break into the pod kid facility to steal them, and Dr. Jace helps. For a minute Lynn is trapped in a room with a meta girl, but with her help and the help of Black Lightning and Thunder they get out. But Lynn and all the metas are still in danger because, as Odell explained early in the episode, the Markovians are going after metas to make into their army, and they want Lynn because she knows a lot about metas. But anyone who doesn’t cooperate gets killed, naturally!


Oh, and Tobias and Cutter are romantically involved and they kill Todd by exploding his car.

That’s it for this week! Phew, a lot is happening but I’m here for it. See you next week friends!

Will always include Pierce Sister Moments because they are always highlights

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