Tuesday, June 18, 2024

beccs Unleashes Queer Rage In New Single Off Of ‘stay moist’ EP

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The queer indie singer/songwriter beccs has released her new single, “Rage In My Veins” off of her highlight anticipated EP stay moist out June 28. Co-produced by beccs and Godfrey Furchtgott with drum production by Ian Chang of Son Lux / Oscar nominated for Original Score on Everything Everywhere All At Once, the track is a brave reckoning with our collective grief and rage. Both a confession and a call to break free, “Rage In My Veins” speaks to a powerful force that, when channeled, can be used to break harmful cycles that hurt rather than heal us.

beccs shares, “my understanding about rage is that it is a hyper reactivity to pain and our efforts to control it. But it can also be an incredibly mobilizing force. There are a lot of things to feel rage about today, especially as a woman. When we meet our rage with love and compassion, particularly in ways we didn’t receive as children, our rage crumbles into water. A pool of grief at our feet. I want people to dance in that grief.”

The visualizer, shot on camcorder, features beccs in a silk cape designed by Dani Boots with handsewn red threads connoting veins. A dejected superhero at their most vulnerable state of exhaustion and grief, beccs moves and emotes face-to-face with her rage so that we can all break free alongside the sweltering synths, poignant lyrics, and primal electronic drums. 

beccs has been added as the opening act to Pomme’s headlining US tour starting June 12 in Boston at The Sinclair, New York City’s Webster Hall on June 15, San Francisco’s Great American Music hall on June 18, and The Regent in Los Angeles June 19 – where she will perform new music from her forthcoming EP, stay moist, out June 28. 

beccs had coined the term stay moist during the pandemic when she would find herself crying as a form of release. To bring levity and a sense of connection to these episodes, she would take a snotty selfie and post it to her Instagram grid with the caption “stay moist”. What started as a coping mechanism in isolation soon turned into a motto of resilience, motivation, growth, and of course – whimsy. Each song on this EP reflects and confronts difficult, shameful, even ugly parts of oneself. By allowing pain and trauma to move through us like water instead of getting lodged inside, we can all ‘stay moist’ as a way to remain honest, authentic and glistening through our healing. 

stay moist cover art

Newly released singles “f 0 0 d” (music video) and “Good Comin’” convey the colorful sonic and emotional spectrum of what it means to ‘stay moist’, taking struggles that often connote shame and bringing universality to them with hooks that leave listeners humming long after the song’s end. 

beccs shares, “To ‘stay moist’ is essentially my roadmap towards emotional regulation as an adult in a dysregulated world. It is the sensation of having room to move and carry water – an antidote to the hardening that has plagued so many. It can be fun and playful, dark and brutal, or sweet and salty. To “stay moist” deconstructs healing and allows it to be messy. It turns healing, rather than an event, into a lifestyle.” 

stay moist Track List: 

  1. Good Comin’
  2. I Don’t Do Fun
  3. Jealous Bitch 
  4. f 0 0 d 
  5. Rage In My Veins

In celebration of the EP, beccs will be partnering with SHAG…A Sexy Shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for her stay moist EP release pop-up concert & Q&A June 29 at 3pm. The queer artist will be launching a stay moist merch collab with SHAG at their EP release pop-up pride event.

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