Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Artisan Perfumery Anjali Perfumes Announces Two New Releases

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On March 20, Anjali Perfumes will release two new perfumes: Mantra and Jaya. Each is a blend of floral and gourmand notes layered with the artisan’s signature spice accords.

Mantra has notes of dark chocolate, caramel, vanilla, violets, and amber. They are blended with Indian Bay Leaf essential oil that gently lifts the notes. Mantra in Sanskrit means “a spell.”

Jaya has notes of bergamot, rose, peach, and iris, which are blended with an accord of cloves. Jaya in Sanskrit means “a victory.”

Anjali Vandemark, Perfumer and Creative Director of the brand, says, “I like to bring my Indian heritage to my creations. I was inspired by legendary love stories from Indian history. Mantra represents seductive pull and passionate desire. Jaya celebrates lovers coming together, victorious against all obstacles.”

Anjali sources the finest materials from suppliers around the world. Each perfume is handcrafted in small batches. 

Priced at $95 USD each, for 30 ml, Mantra and Jaya will be exclusively available on AnjaliPerfumes.com.

Anjali Perfumes is a woman-owned, independent perfume house, based on Bainbridge Island, WA. Readers can look at a previous review of Anjali’s fragrance, Tiger Bright, here.

Image courtesy of Anjali Perfumes

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