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American Gods’ Official Trailer Review

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If ever in my life I’ll be quoted for something, let it be this at least. You’ll never be the same after reading anything by Neil Gaiman. Readers across the world were ecstatic after the big news in July 2014 that Gaiman’s 2001 novel, American Gods, would be getting a television adaptation.

For readers of this – I dare say – literary milestone, this was basically a dream come true. Cue the rapturous elation amongst us when the first look trailer dropped on July 2016. With a haunting rendition of the folk classic “In the Pines”, we got our first look at our much beloved palette of characters from the novel. Not to mention we also got a taste of the series’ tone: rich with gritty, bloody tints without giving in to the caricaturesque.

The road beneath our feet looked well-paved on our way to the premier, which will be April 30, 2017. But if there was ever any fear the taste of expectation was wearing off, the official trailer dropped yesterday, March 15.

And oh dear gods in all pantheons. It takes the images and characters from the first trailer and puts them into motion. Those who haven’t read the book yet (DOITDOITDOIT) got an approximate feel for what the show will be about. This second trailer tells us what is at stake in no uncertain terms: Old Gods Fading, New Gods Rising. America is founded on a multiplicity of customs, fetishes and creeds. But this generation is being threatened by a new breed. There is a war brewing in the distance. And in the bloody midst of it all is a man called Shadow, and he’s been enrolled into the cause by one needful side.

The first trailer gave us a glimpse at fan favorites such as Shadow, Mr. Wednesday and Mad Sweeney. We also met some of the antagonists, like the Technical Boy and the Black Hats. This time around we see these characters in action. We also get Easter, Mr. Ibis, and most curiously, Ifrit. The latter of the new reveals is quite telling of the narrative mode the show may have. Where some gods’ and beings’ involvement is active, other characters hold importance through constituting the backstory. Their place as part of the foundation is not actually intimately related to the main arc of the story.

However, their inclusion in the trailer means we’ll likely see subplots of the book fleshed out much more on screen. Other than Ifrit, this will, of course, include Bilquis, who we saw back in the first look trailer.

If the first trailer granted us a grandiose and imposing look at the Norse World Tree, this second one gave us more. This includes shots of the undead, but the images aren’t gratuitous, trust me. These surreal, impressionistic, unearthly visages are key points in the book’s narrative, and I’m excited to see how they manifest in the series. We’re also getting a look at new scenes that may not be in the book. Here’s hoping (and praying in a variety of ways) it will live up to the expectations.

Still, the known cast is solid enough to carry the performances, and Bryan Fuller is full of well earned reputation and fan love. They shan’t let us down. So, we await, with this lovely palette of characters, scenes, and hopes. Let’s never forget, the amalgam of all this makes for something as American as Gospel. Have a taste yourself with the trailer below.

Tune in here on The Fandomentals in the coming months for further review and analysis on the show. It’s going to be a blast!

Images courtesy of Starz

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