Tuesday, June 18, 2024

All Bark No Dice Episode 15: Little Wolves w/ Dinoberry Press’s Nevyn Holmes

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Hello and welcome back to All Bark No Dice! This episode we have a talk with designer Nevyn Holmes, one half of the brain trust behind Dinoberry Press. We chat about their newest game Little Wolves, their approach to game design, and how masks can be used to help with roleplay!

Little Wolves is a tabletop role-playing game of folktales, werewolves, and fae queens. In it, 3 or more players don the masks and fur of young-at-heart shapeshifters exploring a forest filled with magic and mystery.

As they complete quests and favors for their queens and the denizens of their courts, the wolves grow and players decorate masks to reflect the lessons they learn, experiences they share, and stories they create together.

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Image via Dinoberry Press

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