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AEG’s Arboreal Title ‘Undergrove’ Will Feature Design By Elizabeth Hargrave And Art By Beth Sobel

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AEG is has announced it’s next title: Undergrove, an innovative area control and cube conversion game designed by the Elizabeth Hargrave (Wingspan, The Fox Experiment) and Mark Wootton(Thunderstone Quest. In this game, you will play a mature Douglas fir tree in the Pacific Northwest. Your goal is to establish seedlings and help them successfully grow into trees. Success depends on subtle player interaction, efficient resource management, and building tiny engines. At the end of the game, the player who has grown the best set of seedlings with the most valuable symbiotic relationships will win. 

Undergrove box art by Beth Sobel

Elizabeth and Mark met through their work for AEG on Mariposas.  They found they have a shared love of nature, games, and bringing those two worlds together.  Their story influenced every part of what Undergrove has become, and has inspired us to look at the world through a different lens.  We look forward to sharing their story as we introduce you to Undergrove and everything creating it has taught us.  

Undergrove is coming to Kickstarter later this year and will feature a standard edition and a deluxe edition to take you deep into the pine forests of the Pacific Northwest to participate in the ongoing conversations between the mushrooms and the trees. For more information visit the Undergrove Website.

Images via AEG and Elizabeth Hargrave

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