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Who are the Fandomentals?

Well, we’re just your average group of geeky fans who like to talk a lot about the geeky things we like. A lot. Sometimes 10,000 words a lot (but not always).

But wait, doesn’t picking things apart ruin your enjoyment, we hear you asking? For us? Definitely not! We find that digging deep into the whys, hows, whats, and are you kidding me’s of media both enriches our enjoyment and helps solidify and work through our frustrations. We like to rave about the good stuff while also paying careful attention to flaws and implications. “Neurotic over analysis” is a compliment around these parts.

We also love to examine the cultural give-and-take with our media. It is, after all, not created or consumed in a social vacuum, which is why we are adamant that representation matters. Stories matter.

So whether it be comics, books, tv, films, or digital media, we’re here for fundamentally sound fandom analysis.

Also chips.

We love chips.

And coffee.

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