Tuesday, May 21, 2024

3D Printing Platform Thangs.com Announces New Partnership With Felicia Day

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Today Thangs.com, a leading platform for 3D printing enthusiasts, officially announced an exciting partnership with actress, writer, and geek icon Felicia Day (The Guild, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Supernatural) to launch FeliciaDay3D, a membership program featuring original designs developed with Felicia as part of her adventures into the exciting world of 3D printing.

Felicia Day x Thangs.com banner

“This is the first substantial collaborative creative venture I’ve done since leaving my company Geek and Sundry,” said Felicia Day. “It’s always been one of my greatest joys to figure out how to be creative in new areas by diving into them head-first. This project is no exception and I cannot wait for people to get inspired and explore the wonderfully-creative and limitless world of 3D printing.”

With FeliciaDay3D, Thangs.com aspires to foster a global community where individuals can share their passion for 3D printing with friends and family, celebrate geek culture, and support artists who are working in 3D Printing and Design. 

“At Thangs.com, we firmly believe that 3D printing is not just a hobby—it’s an art form that lets individuals bring their ideas to life”, said Paul Powers, Co-Founder and CEO of Thangs.com. “This collaboration marks a significant addition to the realm of geek culture, digital sculpting, 3D Printed textile fabrication, and innovative 3D Printed toys to bring joy to family and friends.” 

FeliciaDay3d “The Guild” Designs by Moonlight Minis

FelicaDay3D offers two monthly membership tiers:

Tier 1: FeliciaDay3D’s Supporter Tier 

For $10 USD per month, members are able to access a number of exclusive specially-curated 3D models, with new drops each month in three categories: Cosplay/Jewelry, Tabletop Gaming, and Kids/Toys. All of the May 2024 3D models are developed with Felicia Day and meticulously sculpted and designed by talented Thangs community artists, Moonlight Minis, Kaizen3DPrints, and Mimetics3D

Tier 2: Commercial Membership Tier

For $40 USD per month, members will receive a commercial license, allowing them to sell physical prints of FelicaDay3D products, including new monthly product drops. 

Additionally, all FeliciaDay3D files are able to be purchased individually following their release window of exclusivity for members. 

For more information about FeliciaDay3D and to join the Thangs.com vibrant community, visit Thangs.com/designer/FeliciaDay3D.

Images via Thangs.com and Felicia Day

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