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Ten Things Board Game Lovers Have in Common

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This post was contributed by guest author Megan Haffron, a freelance writer and lover of board games.

Board game lovers are legit. They will play a game of Operation to the death – no pun intended. They’re willing to go beyond the scope of board games, they know how to look for loopholes, and they love hanging out with their buddies. Board gamers aren’t that different from any other kind of gamer, and most of them have several things in common. If you don’t have a friend group devoted to playing games, then you might have to get a crew together by the end of this.

They Have Expansive Imaginations

With the rare exception, people who enjoy board games are wildly imaginative. Even though board games involve rules, board game enthusiasts have ways of making their games more fun through banter, witty exchanges, and imaginative scenarios. That goes double to tabletop gamers who enjoy games like Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering. They’ll come up with crazy reasons to explain why the cards or dice are against them and create imaginary beefs with their fellow players – all in good fun and jest, of course.

They Love a Good Gaming Accessory

Gamers of all stripes know how to appreciate a terrific accessory. Video gamers may want a customized controller or an amazing headset, but there are plenty of must-have accessories for board gamers, as well. For example, a board game enthusiast with their own set of dice is clearly a gamer who knows what they’re doing. Some board game fans get ecstatic over a new game timer, while others go wild for organizational tools that allow them to keep their board game safely stored and neat as a pin.

They Tend to Be Creative

Thanks to their vivid imaginations, board game lovers are notoriously creative. It’s not just the backstories and strategies that they can come up with, either. People who genuinely enjoy board games are masters at finding loopholes. They can get downright creative with the rules when there are no boundaries to stop them. They don’t cheat because they also tend to believe in good sportsmanship. However, if there’s a way around a particular rule or a way to exploit the rules while still remaining true to the game, then they’re definitely going to figure out what it is and go for broke. Amateurs, beware!

They’re Happier in Their Friend Groups

You can’t play board games by yourself – unless you’re playing a game digitally and your opponent is the computer, but that almost defeats the purpose. More and more friend groups are setting up weekly, biweekly, or monthly game nights – anything to get out of their normal routines and spend time with their friends. In cases where getting together face-to-face may not be safe, these close-knit squads are more than happy to play games together via Facetime, Discord, and other platforms that allow them to play while hanging out, even if they’re socially distanced.

They Prioritize Their Friendships

Game nights are often prioritized to ensure regular meetings. Why? Because board gamers prioritize their friendships, too. Because they have an activity that they enjoy participating in with their closest friends, they’re more likely to do what they can to maintain an equitable work/life balance. They know that they need to nurture their friendships and spend time with their pals, and they’re more than willing to do that.

Their Strategic Abilities Are Next-Level

Board gamers know how to strategize. Ask anyone who’s ever played Monopoly for several hours, engaged in a Magic: the Gathering campaign, or emerged victorious in a game of Tranquility. They can watch their opponents play and they can plan their next six moves ahead if they’re given the opportunity. Needless to say, those talents can be helpful in other aspects of life, especially at the workplace.

They’re Game to Try New Things

Hahaha, get it? Honestly, though, board game lovers are always up to try something new – and it doesn’t have to be a traditional board game, either. There’s a new expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity? Bring it on. Someone has an idea for a new D&D story line? Everybody’s in – what time will the session start? This flexibility extends to other areas, as well. Gamers are generally quite happy and willing to go on different adventures with their friend group, be it a game of mini-golf or a trip to the local amusement park.

They Take Gaming Seriously

Sometimes even moving in herds

As if the tendency to have their own set of dice and timer didn’t indicate that board gamers are serious about their hobby, right? Regular players of board games do what they can to make sure their friends have a great place to play their games. They set up areas that ensure there’s room for everyone, they put together snack tables and charcuterie boards, and they even purchase game tables and seating so that everyone’s comfortable and happy during their regular sessions. They understand that investing in what you love can make it even better.

They Like to Win

Naturally, anyone who invests time and effort into their hobby wants to excel at it. Like other gamers, fans of board games play to win. In most groups, you’ll find that every member has a favorite game. Sometimes it’s Sorry!, sometimes it’s Mouse Trap, and sometimes it’s Pokémon – although that’s a card game rather than a board game. You get the idea, though. When they play a game they love, board gamers want to win. However—

But They Aren’t Sore Losers

In most cases, board game enthusiasts don’t care if they don’t win. They don’t throw fits or act like sore losers. They’re just as happy when their pals win a hard-fought game. Gamers relish in each other’s successes and triumphs. That’s because they know that no matter what else, they’re doing something fun with their friends. No need to take it too seriously.

Now that you know what board game lovers have in common, see if you share any of these traits, too. If you do, then you may want to institute a regular game night with your pals, too

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