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Wynonna Earp’s Season Four Trailer is Here (And Our Bodies Are READY!)

So if you’re an Earper living under a rock, you might’ve missed that Wynonna Earp’s season four trailer finally dropped yesterday. After a season in doubt and a very arduous fan-mounted campaign to save the show, season four is almost upon us come July 26th!

Everyone’s favorite heir, ginger Haught, celestial sister, vampire baby daddy, and Jeremy are back in action, kicking ass and taking names.

We’ll be here with fresh episode recaps every week, and don’t forget to check out our Earper gear in our store!

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  • Kori is an entertainment writer and Managing Editor at the Fandomentals. In her spare time, she is a fragrance and watch enthusiast, lover of Eurovision, and Yanni devotee. Find her on Instagram at @fmkori


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