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Write for the Fandomentals!

Like Fandom?

Do you have a favorite and love to talk about it to everyone? So do we! (No, seriously. Never underestimate our love of Supergirl). Have a show you’re so salty about you could be a serious contender to overtake the Dead Sea? SO. DO. WE. (So salty. Much sodium. We rule from a salt throne.)

We’re looking for new writers to add to our growing community of people who like talking about ALL the things in their fandom. If you’re interested in becoming a Fandomental, email us at admin@thefandomentals.com to learn more! (Please include a recent writing sample.)

Like comics?

So do we! Like writing about them? Us too! We’re currently looking for a few good writers to help round out the Fanfinites! If you’re into Teen Titans, America Chavez, X-Men, Spider-Woman, Nightwing, Black Panther: World of Wakanda, Iron Heart (Riri Williams), Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Ms. Marvel, or if you’d like to discuss a title not listed above, shoot us a line at admin@thefandomentals.com

Titles will be comped.  

Applicants need to be at least 18 years of age.