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Watch the Teaser for New Dan Stevens Thriller Kill Switch

Kill Switch follows Stevens’s character, a pilot, as he fights to save humanity following a sci-fi apocalypse triggered by a failed experiment. The trailer gives you just about everything you would expect from a disaster movie, but with a stylish science-fiction tinge.

Watch the trailer here:

I’m particularly fond of the first-person perspective. It also looks like an interesting setting. Let’s be honest, though, people will be interested in this because of Dan Stevens. After Legion and Beauty and the Beast, the man’s profile is deservedly high and the movie industry will try to strike iron while its hot. It worked for me. After Legion I’m willing to watch anything the man stars in. He was that good.

I hope this works out. The world can always use good sci-fi movies. Best of luck, Kill Switch.

Kill Switch is set for release on June 16. Alongside Stevens, the movie stars Bérénice Marlohe, Tygo Gernandt, and Charity Wakefield. This is the directoral debut for Tim Smit. I’m not sure whether to be encouraged or discouraged by that. I suppose I’ll wait to see more of the film. You can bet I’ll be looking out for more, and anyone with an interest in the genre probably should as well.

Video and Images Courtesy of Saban Films


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