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Want a Look at Season 3 of Fargo?

Inspired by the excellent Coen brothers movie of the same name, the first two seasons of Fargo have ranked easily among the best television in recent years. Funny, sharp, and mixing a variety of genres into its rural crime plots, the show was good enough to land showrunner Noah Hawley the freedom he needed for Legion to succeed the way it has.

Are we excited for season 3? Oh, you bet ya.

After season 2’s 70 detour back to the 1970s, Fargo’s third season will return to a contemporary setting. It also returns to the familiar elements of the setting; a down on his luck loser looking for a big score, a crime gone wrong, a woman sheriff investigating, and all the exaggerated Minnesota accents you could ask for. I loved season 2’s relatively sprawling gang war, but I’m happy to see the show back in familiar, low-key territory.

That’s not to suggest Hawley will retread safe ground. If the guy’s proven anything with his run on TV to date, he will always take chances and more often than not succeed entirely.

Oh ya, this one’s going to knock yer socks off, folks.

Fargo’s third season premieres on April 19, and has the usual amazing cast consisting of Carrie Coon, Ewan McGregor, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Michael Stuhlbarg, David Thewlis, and Jim Gaffigan. Wow, okay then. Come on back to The Fandomentals now, because we’re going to give you all your Fargo recap needs all season.

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