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Calliope Games To Launch “Luxury Limited Edition” Of ‘Tsuro’ In May

Calliope Games (Allegory, Mass Transit) has announced that a brand new edition of the classic tile placement game Tsuro will be coming to Kickstarter to celebrate almost fifteen of the Tsuro legacy. The “Luxury Limited Edition” of the game will a carved wooden box and expertly crafted components made for longtime fans of the game. Tsuro is designed by Tom McMurchie (originally pitched as Squiggle). Originally published by WizKids, which was co-founded by current Calliope president Ray Wehrs, Tsuro was seen by Ray as the centerpiece for his new brand.

Tsuro logo

From the publisher: The Tsuro: Luxury Limited Edition experience is presented in a beautifully crafted wooden game box with vintage finishes. The rules are brilliantly emblazoned across a bamboo scroll. Stone textured tiles are individually carved with their unique path configuration and will be selected by players from a beautifully embroidered satin bag. Each unique metal pawn represents a memorable piece of Tsuro’s mythological history, from the fierce dragon to the awe-inspiring phoenix. Finally, the iconic dragon tile has been replaced with a shining gold statuette — a true centerpiece for your collection for years to come.

It will also be a “truly” limited edition as each piece will be numbered, and presented with a certificate of authenticity signed by Ray Wehrs (Calliope Games President), Tom McMurchie (Designer), and Andrew Hepworth (Art Director). Calliope does not intend to do another print run, and it will be a Kickstarter exclusive, with a very limited extra number of copies produced. While there will not be a retailer pledge, Calliope has already heard from interested shops that are planning to pledge.

Tsuro: Luxury Limited Edition has been in development for eight years at Calliope, and it seems to have payed off with a highly luxurious product. Every piece in the game is getting an update, including the wooden box carved with an entwined dragon and phoenix, and expertly crafted to create the perfect holding place for all of the components: 8 unique individual metal game pawns, 1 metal dragon statuette (that replaces the dragon tile in the original game), 35 resin-crafted stone path tiles, embroidered satin holding bag, silk game “board”, and bamboo scroll containing the game’s rules.

Tsuro satin bag
An exclusive look at the satin holding bag for the game tiles.

The price for the Tsuro: Luxury Limited Edition is set at $350. You can sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter launches on May 17 here.

Images via Calliope Games

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