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TriStar Pictures Looking For Jill Pole in ‘Silver Chair’

Remember in the early to mid-2000’s when Walt Disney Studios and then later 20th Century Fox tried their hands at C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia? If you don’t that’s okay; the films range from delightful nostalgia to “well, that two hours of my life happened.” That hasn’t stopped TriStar Pictures from attempting to resurrect the franchise with what would be the next installment The Silver Chair.

Earlier in the year, we received our first big news break on the movie when it was announced that Joe Johnston (Captain America: The First Avenger) had been tapped to direct. That was in April and news had been pretty silent since. The two biggest questions remain. What will they do with Eustace Scrubb since the actor who played him in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Will Poulter, is now 24 and far past the age of being kicked out of Narnia by Aslan? And, who will be cast as Jill Pole, the one main female character to occur for the rest of the series?

Thanks to That Hashtag Show, we at least have some news on the Jill Pole front. According to the site, TriStar had offered Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown the role at some point this year. Brown, who has risen to global fame with her turn as Eleven just saw the show’s second season premiere on Netflix only mere weeks ago. While indeed a hot ticket to boost a flagging property, there has been no news since the offer was made and it’s entirely possible Brown passed.

With no news of Brown accepting or refusing, that left us to wonder who else could play the final Narnian heroine. This year saw a rise in young actresses either being cast in or playing leads in global franchises. Sophia Lillis (It) and Brown’s co-star in Stranger Things, Sadie Sink both enjoyed a huge popularity boost. Or perhaps we’ll see a changeup with actresses like Storm Reid (A Wrinkle in Time) or Quvenzhané Wallis (Annie) journeying to Narnia. Think big, TriStar!

Let us know in the comments below, who would you like to see step into Jill’s shoes?

Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox


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