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Trailer for Strange Weather Starring Holly Hunter and Carrie Coon

Strange Weather follows a grieving mother desperate for answers seven years after the death of her son. When she comes to believe one of her son’s former business partners stole an idea of his, she goes on a journey to find the truth and cope with her son’s death with the help of a friend.

It may not be the most original trailer in the world, but Carrie Coon was all I needed to see. After The Leftovers I would watch her watch paint dry. She would make it work somehow. I guess Holly Hunter is alright, too. Watch the trailer here.

Strange Weather debuted at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. While the limited reviews from screenings so far seem mixed, they seem agreed on the strong performances of the two lead actresses. I mean, just look at who the actresses are. You have to work hard to make them look bad, especially in a movie seemingly asking them to carry it with their performances.

Strange Weather hits theaters on July 28. Along with Hunter and Coon, the movie stars Kim Coates, Glenne Headly, and Emily Peachey. In the meantime, I’ll try to work on my love for Carrie Coon. Considering her recent success, I doubt I’ll get over it any time soon.

Video and Images Courtesy of Brainstorm Media


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