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Trailer for Railroad Tigers Starring Jackie Chan

Can we take a moment to appreciate that Jackie Chan is still making cool action movies? That man knows how to entertain and Railroad Tigers seems to prove it yet again.

Set in December 1941, Chan plays a Chinese railroad worker working to sabotage an important supply rail in Japanese occupied territory. Without weapons of their own, they are left to use the tools at hand. As seen in the action-packed trailer below:

Fists, feet, trees, makeshift explosives, the Railroad Tigers use whatever’s at hand. Anyone familiar with Jackie Chan will recognize the improvisation.

Having released this past December in China, the limited reviews to date are mixed. Still, you know what you’re getting here; impressive fights, cool action, and funny jokes. It may not blow your mind but it will be very fun to watch Chan do his thing. And the style of the film looks to complement the stunts very well.

The movie releases tomorrow, so if you want something fun to check out this weekend, you could likely do far worse.

Railroad Tigers is directed by Ding Sheng. Starring along with Chan are Huang Zitao, Wang Kai, Darren Wang, and Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee Chan.

Image courtesy of Yuyue Film Company


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