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Top Gun: Maverick Trailer Drops, Fails To Say Much

So…this is happening. Today (July eighteenth, 2019) has been a busy day for trailers, most of which have left me surprised and/or confused. But perhaps none have left me more thrown than this one, a trailer for a sequel to Top Gun of all things. After 33 years, and not remotely at the peak of Tom Cruise’s career, this feels…kind of strange. But hey, at least it’s a sequel and not a remake I suppose.

So, what is this movie about? I…have no idea. I honestly, genuinely am entirely uncertain of the plot of this movie. Now, a good trailer should leave some questions about the plot. Wherever you stand on the argument about spoilers, I think we can agree that you shouldn’t know every plot beat from watching just the trailer (I’m looking at you Terminator Genisys). But at the same time, I should know something about the plot. Some sort of hint at what the goals are, what the conflict will be, what the plan is, something.

Here’s what we do know from the trailer. They have decided to have this movie be set some thirty-odd years after the first movie. Maverick (Cruise’s character) refuses to be promoted or retire, and hasn’t died or been discharged yet either. We open with shots of someone (presumably Maverick, but we don’t see his face or helmet so I can’t say for certain) flying over the desert, pulling a trick stunt while Ed Harris reads off Maverick’s stats. And after that…it’s just sort of a silent montage. Students in a class, jet flying over the ocean, motorcycle riding, a beach party, jet flying through some snowy mountains…

At the end of it all, Harris does state that Maverick’s kind is headed for extinction. This could mean some sort of growing up, facing life’s changes story. A passing the torch scenario, where Maverick realizes that he’s too old and outdated for the changing world and it’s time to let the next generation take up the mantle.

…but it’s a Tom Cruise action movie so I rather doubt that. What’s really going to be the plot and conflict? Heck if I know, the only sign of conflict was between Cruise and Harris. I legitimately have no idea what is going to happen in this movie, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Images Courtesy of Paramount


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