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Darwin's Journey game board showing the Galapagos Islands
Darwin's Journey board


Thundergryph Games Earns An Amazing $1,326,619 During Kickstarter Campaign

If you follow Kickstarter in the boardgame section, you’ve probably noticed a campaign that funded within 12 minutes and raised $1,326,619. If you don’t follow or know what Kickstarter is, it’s a crowd funding platform extensively used by the boardgame industry to bring games to real life. In this case, Thundergryph Games, a small boardgame company in Spain, plans to have the game out sometime later this year. The game lets you retrace Charles Darwin’s journey to the Galapagos Islands in an exciting worker placement euro game by Simone Luciani and Nestore Mangone. 

There are thousands upon thousands of board games that try to raise money through Kickstarter, trying to catch the eye of gamers on the Kickstarter platform. What is truly amazing about THIS campaign, is the way it was ran, the game that will be made, and the amazing extras added during the campaign. 

Let’s Stretch It Out

Darwin's Journey box

Now, to be totally transparent, Thundergryph sent me a prototype copy of the game that I got to play before many others. I made a video review of that game which you can watch HERE and I’d highly recommend you do if you don’t know much about the game, in addition, I also made another video talking about how the game plays with 2 players, HERE

I really wanted to highlight how well Thundergryph ran the campaign and how much content they added through stretch goals. Stretch goals in a Kickstarter campaign helps to add more value to the game and are unlocked by a goal like the number of backers or how much money has been funded through the campaign so far. They had 46 unlocked stretch goals which means they added 46 different things to the game that if it didn’t raise as much money, it wouldn’t be included in the game.  Check out this list of stretch goals they included in the game. 

Now see how tired you got scrolling through all those graphics, well those are all the additions they added to the game for everyone who backed this game. 

Of note, they have added player aid sheets, upgraded components including wooden, components with metallic ink, silicone like wax seals, and aged wash on metal coins, additional objective and action tiles giving more variety to the game, additions to the Firelands expansion game, additional solo mode boards, pirate ship mini expansion, great ship mini expansion, a plastic Insert, and a digital soundtrack to listen to when playing the game. And the collector’s edition game with all the bells and whistles and all the stretch goals and every was priced at around $85.  

Thundergryph's great tokens

Value & Quality Go A Long Way

Compared to what you get in the game, the price point is well worth the value its priced at. But price isn’t everything. If you are a board game addict like myself, you end up owning many games that you actually never play. Personally, my main reason for this is because I have to learn how the game is played and that takes time. Thundergryph thought ahead and made a Tabletop Simulator module where you could play the game before backing it.

In addition, they held multiple streams where they played the game with 4 players, 2 players, solo, then 3 players, as well as a play through of the Firelands expansion, the pirate ship mini expansion and the great ship expansion. They showed how everything works while the campaign was still live. So you had the opportunity to learn how to play the game so when you receive it you will know how to play it and be able to get it to your table. 

Out of all the many games I have seen and looked at on Kickstarter, Thundergryph Games did an amazing job with their campaign. It also looks like many others agree as they spoke with their wallets. The game is a great euro game full of strategy, and the value of what they promise to deliver in this game is just out of this world. If you want to look more into the now finished campaign, you can check it out HERE.  The Kickstarter campaign is over but they will open up late pledges to allow additional people to get their hands on the Kickstarter edition of this game. Thundergryph has ran very well put together Kickstarter campaigns for many of their games, they have become a leader in how a Kickstarter is ran and how to successfully fund a game and bring it to life. 

Thundergryph Games has a great call to action for their Kickstarter

Images via Thundergryph Games

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