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Mjolnir Rampages Across the 10 Realms in Donny Cates, Nic Klein’s New Thor Arc ‘God Of Hammers’

The God of Hammers is about to be unleashed! Next month, Donny Cates continues his action-packed Asgardian saga with a brand-new story, and artist Nic Klein is back for twists and turns that not even the All-Father can possibly be ready for!

The story will provide payoffs to a plot that’s been building up since the very beginning of Cates and Klein’s run—the secret legacy of Thor’s mighty weapon Mjolnir! Mjolnir, the powerful Uru hammer that Thor has wielded in battle for centuries, has gone missing! And nobody, not even the all-seeing Lady Sif, is able to locate it. So Thor must turn to the last person he wants help from: Odin. For until the hammer is found, nobody is safe! 

Making his return as series artist, Klein will also make his debut as the series’ new main cover artist. In addition, the issue will have variant covers by superstar artists Gary Frank and Mahmud Asrar as well as Ema Lupacchino’s Infinity Saga Variant Cover. Check out all four covers now plus the newly revealed cover of January’s THOR #21, Part 3 of “GOD OF HAMMERS.” Be there when the fatal prophecy of the God of Hammers begins in THOR #19 on November 17! For more information, visit

Klein Cover
Frank Variant
Asrar Variant
Lupacchino Variant

THOR #19

  • Written by DONNY CATES
  • Art by NIC KLEIN
  • Main Cover by NIC KLEIN
  • Variant Cover by GARY FRANK
  • Variant Cover by MAHMUD ASRAR
  • Thor Infinity Saga Variant Cover by EMA LUPACCHINO

On Sale 11/17

THOR #21

  • Written by DONNY CATES
  • Art by NIC KLEIN
  • Main Cover by NIC KLEIN

On Sale 1/12

Image courtesy of Marvel Comics

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