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This Breath of the Wild Trailer Will Blow You Away

New environments? Check. Villages? Check. Calamity Ganon confirmed? Check. Gorons and fairies? Check. A voice-acted Zelda with seemingly substantial emotional involvement in the plot? Check. A soundtrack that brings you to tears? Check, baby, check. This is it, everybody. Breath of the Wild is going to be a monster entry in the Legend of Zelda series.

I wrote before about this game’s potential to be the best Zelda game yet and this trailer only made me more confident. A couple big mysteries remained after the extremely promising trailers and demonstrations to date; what will the story bring and what other characters will be included? People worried slightly that the massive open world and focus on exploration, along with confirmation the player can fight the final boss at the start of the game, meant the storytelling might be left behind. This trailer killed all that for good.

Another big question involved the state of Hyrule that we’ve seen. Namely, what the heck happened? Previous looks at the game gave off an ancient, abandoned vibe, with 100 years having passed since Calamity Ganon laid waste to the land and was trapped in Hyrule Castle. This trailer expanded on this by suggesting Zelda’s key role in this event, or at least that of her family. “The history of the Royal Family of Hyrule is also the history of the Calamity Ganon; a primal evil that has endured over the ages.”

It makes sense that her family would have trapped Ganon in the castle and that Zelda is now responsible for keeping it trapped. Whatever happened obviously plays a key role in the story. With Ganon almost certain to escape at some point, the line “Everything I’ve done up until now, it was all for nothing,” along with the shot of Zelda crying, suggests we may get an in-depth look at the emotional toll Zelda’s duties have inflicted on her. Which is great news for all our fans of dutiful princesses. Legend of Zelda games have always been slow to catch up to cutting-edge storytelling conventions, but you can guarantee that when they do finally take the leap they will take full advantage. The voice acting sounds terrific and the cinematic flair looks top notch.

Also appearing in the trailer are a number of familiar Legend of Zelda locales, characters, and races. The Great Deku Tree watches over the Master Sword. A Goron, Gerudo, Great Fairy, a Rito, Koroks, and Zoras appear. The Goddess Statue from Skyward Sword shows up. Fans are going crazy trying to figure out the timeline based on all this. Breath of the Wild’s equivalent of Death Mountain shows up, as do beach, desert, forest, and other gorgeous landscapes. A few villages appear good news to those who worried there would be none.

In short, it’s everything I ever wanted to see. March 3rd can’t come soon enough. Along with the Super Mario Odyssey reveal, Nintendo is giving fans a couple GREAT reasons to buy a Switch.


Video and Images Courtesy of Nintendo


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