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This Year’s Big D&D Adventure, ‘The Wild Beyond The Witchlight’, Will Journey Into The Feywild

After two huge launches this year that expanded the world of Dungeons & Dragons in new and exciting ways, everyone has been itching to figure out what this year’s big adventure will be. There was, as always, speculation and rumor flowing about but that all came to a stop today when Wizards announced that this September will see the release of The Wild Beyond The Witchlight, a “wickedly whimsical” adventure set in the enigmatic plane known as the Feywild.

The Feywild has, fittingly, a rather strange history in D&D. Since the mythos has always drawn so heavily on Western folklore and high fantasy, fairies and sprites and the like have been baked in from the jump. Even Titania, Queen of the Fairies, has been a part of the canon since 2e. But it didn’t become a formalized plane until 4th Edition, which did quite a bit of work with the realm, including devoting an entire splatbook to characters from and influenced by the setting.

It’s a world that exists as an “echo” of the Material Plane, where everything seems the same but is just a little…off. Think of things like The Upside Down or Labyrinth. It’s ruled by Titania and her Seelie court, a group of fey that are as close to benevolent as their kind can get. They’re opposed by the evil Unseelie Court and The Queen of Air and Darkness, Titania’s corrupted sister.

The Wild Beyond The Witchlight alternate cover
As always, brick-and-mortar game stores will stock an exclusive alternate cover.

Details about the new adventure remain scant, though some hints might be gleaned from March’s “Folk of the Feywild” Unearthed Arcana, which added Fairies, Hobgoblins, Rabbitfolk, and Owlfolk in as playable races. More details will no doubt come to light in the next few weeks, with the full reveal scheduled for July’s D&D Live Event on G4.

Pre-orders for The Wild Beyond The Witchlight are now live on Amazon, D&D Beyond, Roll 20, Barnes & Noble, and at your FLGS, where it’ll go for $49.95. It’s set for wide release on 21st September, 2021.

Images via Wizards of the Coast

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