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The Walking Dead to Shuffle Into a 9th Season with a New Showrunner

Regardless of falling ratings and opinions on the quality, The Walking Dead remains a juggernaut for AMC. It’s the most watched drama among the highly prized 18-49 demographic and has spawned a successful spin-off. Unsurprisingly the zombie soap opera has been renewed for a 9th season, and will do so with someone new at the helm.

Writer and co-executive producer Angela Kang has been promoted to executive producer and showrunner, with previous series boss Scott Gimple receiving his own promotion to oversee the entire Walking Dead TV universe. With Robert Kirkman’s recent separation from AMC and ongoing lawsuit against the company, Gimple is now positioned as the boss of The Walking Dead outside the comics. Kang has worked on the show since 2011 and has 20 writing credits in that time.

What will all this mean for the show moving forward? AMC certainly has grand plans to milk this cow for as long as they can, but with the show’s currently falling ratings and the realities of television soon to hit hard, who knows how those plans will actually play out. Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are expected to renew their deals soon, but it’s just going to get harder and harder to keep the cast together.

Fans have also seemed increasingly dissatisfied with the current direction of the show. Which is quite a screw-up considering “All Out War” was arguably the best arc in the comics. Dramas don’t typically last this long and with eight seasons down and no end in sight, it’s hard to imagine the show getting better rather than worse. There are a lot of people who have spent a long time on this show and will likely be restless to move on.

I guess we’ll have to see. I hope The Walking Dead remains worthwhile for those still shuffling along in the show’s footsteps.

Image Courtesy of AMC


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