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The Suicide Squad trailer Drops, Definitely A Gunn Film

Wellp, a trailer for the next DC film of the year, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, has finally dropped. A sequel/reboot of the series, after the…mixed bag that was the first Suicide Squad movie contributed to the overall bad taste the DCEU once left in everyone’s mouth. And it is…definitely a James Gunn film.

Which is not a bad thing! I rather like the first Guardians of the Galaxy, and the second is my favorite of the MCU, and is genuinely the best film about abuse I’ve seen that isn’t a drama explicitly and solely about the topic. But the humor, the snappier, dryer dialogue, the style of the action, it’s all very much the same style of the Guardians films, just with Gunn being allowed to go for an R rating. King Shark is…basically Groot, just slightly more verbose and allowed to eat people, while Peacemaker is essentially Drax but with a liberty fixation rather than a revenge one.

At the same time though, Margot Robbie continues to be brilliant as Harley (though this film, or at least this trailer, is less of a Harley centric vehicle than Suicide Squad or Birds of Prey were), Idris Elba is a very interesting and entertaining character as Bloodsport, Joel Kinnaman is pleasant as the straight man Rick Flag, and Viola Davis seems to be getting more, and better, use as Amanda Waller. It does seem to be promising a very fun, very good, adventure, and long time DC fans are going to get especially excited by the giant reveal towards the end of the trailer.

That being said, if James Gunn’s humor and style aren’t for you, this movie…probably won’t be for you. It’s hard to say for certain, trailers can be deceptive and trickily cut after all, but from where things stand this is absolutely ‘what if Disney let him cut one hundred percent loose on Guardians?’. And while that’s most likely what this series needs after the Snyder style, grimmer tone failed it, that can be a problem.

If I had to state a problem with this trailer, it’d be that the overall aesthetic of the film is less distinct. The previous film was grey and dark, but with a neon edge to it. It felt like a nightclub running after the apocalypse, and honestly it fit the tone brilliantly. It was the first DCEU film to look like something, rather than Snyder’s bland blobs. While that look wouldn’t fit Gunn’s style, it is somewhat sad that, from the trailer at least, there’s nothing visually making things stand out aside from the more comic book-y costumes.

Still, I laughed at the trailer, I fist pumped, and I stared with open mouth delight at points, so I’m optimistic about the movie overall. It did just about everything I can ask for from a trailer, and I appreciate it.

The Suicide Squad comes out August 6th

Images Courtesy of Warner Bros

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