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The Steven Universe Movie Gets a Bonkers Trailer

Oh, man was this worth the wait. Just when I think I’m out, Steven Universe always pulls me back in. And who else but the Crewniverse could answer so much in a minute-and-a-half and yet raise twice as many questions? Yeah, we finally know what the Steven Universe movie is about. Kind of. It’s a small victory among a bunch of absolute mania. Glorious, glorious mania.

From what we know, this movie takes place 2 years after the most recent episode. Steven looks to have successfully changed the Gempire. Gems look to have settled into lives on Earth. There’s a lot of change throughout this trailer, too much to fully comprehend in one, two, or probably even ten settings. We’ll be digging into this one a while. The villain, the Jenny from My Life as a Teenage Robot looking heart gem over here, invades Earth to continue what Steven stopped; the colonization of the planet and death of everything on it. She looks insanely powerful, with twisty, stretchy limbs that make gravel of the Crystal Gems. It looks like she succeeds to a decent degree in her mission, too. There are numerous shots of a heavily corrupted Beach City throughout the trailer.

That’s what I can tell from three views so far. That’s all I can tell. To say further questions exist is an understatement bigger than a Diamond. Who is this new villain gem? Why is she attacking? Why does she seem so powerful? What exactly is going on throughout the Gem Empire now? Are the Diamonds facing an uprising? Does this gem have something personal against Earth? Steven has a neck? What in the world has happened in the last two years? Has it been two years since I saw new Steven Universe content? A Conniverse kiss???

One thing I’m sure of is that it looks incredible. Gorgeously animated, chock full of songs, there’s even an Opal fusion dance at one point! I cannot wait to see this. We owe at least part of the constant hiatuses to the production of the Steven Universe movie, so expectations are sky-high. This trailer suggests it will meet those expectations. It’s been a long time, but it looks like it was well worth the wait. Hurt me more, Crewniverse. Hurt me more.

The Steven Universe movie arrives to end all life on September 2. You can bet I’ll be writing about it the next day.

Images Courtesy of Cartoon Network
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