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Simon Stålenhag Returns To Kickstarter With Apocalyptic New Book ‘The Labyrinth’

Its a hell of a month for Kickstarters, and the folks at Free League Publishing have added to that with the launch today of their newest collaboration with Swedish author and artist Simon Stålenhag (Tales From The Loop, The Electric State): The Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth book render

This is not their first time working together, as Free League published the award winning RPG adaptation of Tales From The Loop as well as its follow up, Things From The Flood. Like his previous books, The Labyrinth will be a narrative art book focused on Stålenhag’s unique and sometimes twisted vision. Unlike his previous works, this is not a retrofuturistic work, instead focusing on an apocalyptic future where humans have been forced underground by a strange apocalypse. The Kickstarter will run through October 30th, and you can get a look at the full details, as well as the (surprisingly chill) launch trailer below.

The Labyrinth cover art

From the internationally acclaimed visual storyteller Simon Stålenhag, creator of Tales From the Loop and The Electric State, comes a unique vision of a dystopian future. His new narrative art book The Labyrinth was launched on Kickstarter today.

Simon Stålenhag’s highly imaginative images and stories depicting illusive sci-fi phenomena in mundane, hyper-realistic landscapes have made him one of the most sought-after visual storytellers in the world. His first narrative art book, Tales From the Loop, was adapted into a tv-series on Amazon Prime earlier this year.

Now, Stålenhag turns his unique vision to a dystopic future in a new narrative artbook: The Labyrinth –launched today on Kickstarter by Free League Publishing and Skybound Entertainment.

Art from The Labyringh of a man sitting in a red room alone

A world covered by ruins and ash, the remnants of an otherworldly phenomenon that has ravaged the earth’s atmosphere and forced the few survivors deep underground. Matt, Sigrid and Charlie leave the safe harbor of the enclave for an expedition into the wastelands of the surface world. During their journey they are forced to confront dark secrets from the time before civilization’s fall.

In the Kickstarter campaign, there will be two versions of the book – the Standard Edition and the Limited Edition. The Limited Edition, with an exclusive and beautifully embossed cloth cover, is unique for the Kickstarter and will never be printed again. The Kickstarter for the narrative art book is handled by Free League Publishing in collaboration with Skybound.

The campaign will run from now until October 30th.

Images via Free League Publishing and Skybound Entertainment


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